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review: photo printing with

I was lucky enough to be chosen by to try out their new service. It’s online photo printing with a twist – you can have a full range of special finishes including posters, canvases and aluminium.

I love photography and I’ve been looking for the right image to blow up and put at the end of my bed as a meditation. This is the one I have chosen, it’s beautiful to me because it draws me into the blue water and makes me drift off somewhere else. In the shallow glistening water, tiny fish dart around and the sun hitting the ripples creates a prismic effect. Happy memories of laughter, new experiences (snorkelling with Miniminx), sunshine, relaxation and lazing on the beach are all wrapped in this image. Plus it’s divinely serene.


I chose to print it in 30×40 on the aluminium panel. That costs around £50 plus postage and takes around six days. I really like the process of choosing your print. You upload your image and as you can see below, it gives you sizing options.


And then you can preview the size. I quite like this idea because I often confuse cm and inches which can lead to all sorts of mistakes.


Once you’ve chosen your print, or banner, or adhesive vinyl you go to the checkout and there are also choices for hanging your image which are very reasonably priced from about £15 which is a fraction of the cost of framing. I chose not to go with any of these as I wanted to frame my print. I’ve gone locally and chosen a floating print using a double mount of acid white card and buff card with a white frame which is 60×80. I’ll be picking it up next week and will post the result. I can’t wait.

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