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Once you’re a parent, pain, humiliation and general ewkiness are par for the course. From having your cervix felt during labour to the sandwiching of boobs in glass for mammograms, nothing is ever quite the same is it?

And whatsmore, if you’ve got a daughter, you’ve got to go through it all again, step by step. As I’ve just celebrated Miniminx’s 10th birthday, the onset of the dreaded periods (shock, horror) is looming. My doctor told me that start dates are brought on by weight – I kid you not. So apparently the more a girl weighs, the earlier she begins. I think it’s tosh but I was in a panic because at just under 5 feet tall, she’s not heavy but she’s going to be very tall very young.

We’ve discussed puberty and body changes, and I’ve tried to have the ‘period’ talk, but brandishing a box of Lillets and complaining about the rigors of PMT is not really going to answer her questions. Perusing the shelves of my favourite bookshop in Kew on Saturday, I hit parenting gold. more here I found this book:

Have you started yet? you and your period: getting the facts straight


‘OOOh darling – loook!’
‘_ _ _ _ _’ those gaps in the quote marks are the open mouthed horror from my 10 year old!
‘Perfect. For. You!’ I smiled.
‘Just add it to the collection over there’
‘I’m not reading it!’
‘Yes you will.’
The poor thing was slightly wide-eyed and a little pink around the cheeks. Poorly? No just horrified at my brazen brandishing of a book about ‘bits’.

I don’t know why but I thought it would be a good idea to for both of us to read the book over lunch at Pizza Express a few doors down from the shop. It must have been a subconscious connection between the subject matter of the book and seeing the chef spread tomato sauce over a the smooth flat, white dough.

I opened the book.

‘Here you go, What is a period?’
She grabbed the book off me. And handed it back with a frantic silent chuckle.

I looked at the open pages

‘Mummy – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!’
‘What the …..’
There were two drawings, illustrating the big jump from Where’s Wally to Where’s Willy. They were titled Before Puberty and After Puberty and the images have etched themselves on my retinas for all eternity.

Next was an all out raid on my ability to take the whole subject matter in anyway seriously as Miniminx happened up on the instructions on how not to put a tampon up your anus, complete with cartoon. We were in hysterics to the point of crying with laughter.

This book, well, it has demystified the whole thing for my daughter and it’s actually the ‘all you ever wanted to know about periods but were afraid to ask’ book for girls about to reach ‘that age’. To say it’s graphic is an understatement but it’s done in a very engaging way.

It’s also a great icebreaker on the whole topic and it covers off many topics surrounding puberty. My daughter had blushed cherry red, beetroot red and more over the subject matter but she actually sat down to read the book today. So while we’ve howled, hooted and snickered over the subject and the book, she’s got an easily understandable manual to refer to all of her own and in her own time.

There is a big line to be drawn between providing children with straight biological information and this book does do that. However, it is quite a lot for a young child and aimed at an age group ranging from eight to 17. It’s the kind of book that is probably best shared between friends so they can shriek and laugh together about all those embarassing things that adults have to deal with.

Much as it’s great to share this kind of information with your growing child, in my mind, there is still a need to keep discussions as innocent as possible. Some things are better left alone. When she ran over to show me a black and white drawing of the female undercarriage, I may have snickered slightly but I did hold myself back from saying anything. ‘Bet you didn’t know you had another pair of lips’ would have been a step too, too far.

Bet you’re glad you had a boy now aren’t you?

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5 Comments to “darling, here's a great book, on, ahemm…PERIODS!”

  1. I think I have actually got the worst of both worlds I’m really looking forward to dealing with the time when my boy and girl reach this age. Its going to be all about wanking and periods isn’t it… *Secretly rushing off to get the book herself so she can have a look…* :)
    .-= zooarchaeologist´s last blog ..The Alternative Easter Egg Review; Tomy Micro Pets-i =-.

  2. mothership says:


    Please tell me mine are going to stay little forever? Please!? Please?!
    I’m going to go on holiday around that time for about 10 years.
    F8CK IT!!! AGHHH

    V. funny post though. I got the giggles just looking at it (wait, am I 10?)

  3. writeonmum says:

    Hehehe….Oh I MUST get that book! Though I think (I really hope!) that Little Angel is many years away even though she’s 10 too. But, saying that, Mean Teen was in year 6!! And she was a skinny, little waif, so you never can tell. More freaky than your baby starting her periods though, is when her periods start synchronising with yours as they do in the Writeonmum household and once a month,for a week, all dogs, men and other children have to take cover from the power of PMT! Great post Nixdminx! xx
    .-= writeonmum´s last blog ..Shall we move somewhere sunny, darling? =-.

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