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Dear Mr and Mrs Fox… It is inappropriate to let your children roam the streets and rile up the neighbourhood after midnight. Waking up the head of the household by trying to break in is akin to burglary. You have been warned. Regards The grumpy person who got woken up last night PS: don’t even […]

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I often rave about Jezebel the straight talking women’s blog based in the US. It’s often surprising and I just loved this story about an art installation at the MoMA, called The Artist is Present, from March 14 through May 31, 2010…if only I could make it over there to see it myself. And thankfully, […]

So home and back to the grindstone it maybe but the simple pleasure of cooking an evening meal and having neighbours pop over to say hello is just the bees knees. I’ve always believed that travel broadens the mind, but it also emboldens the home loving heart much more than I imagined or remembered.

I hear volcanic ashes are landing in my hometown and the skies are clear like never before. That’s what happens when you’re living in the flightpath and volcanic clouds are on the loose I suppose. We are away so have yet to benefit from this experience. In fact we are on the flipside of it, […]

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I’m such a sucker for all things SATC – it gets worse as I get older…but I can’t wait to see the movie when it’s out and there’s another trailer too.

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Need help giving up smoking? What would work for you a) fear of the consequences (see image above) or b) being laughed out of house and home? (see tampon smoking ad below) Honestly, I was laughed out of restaurants, bars and my own house using this ‘nicotine appliance’. For heaven’s sake, surely putting a smoker […]

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Yep, you read that right, I laughed out loud after reading this post from psychobabble on how Mummy bloggers are so competitive and snarky and bitchy and well, just like gals really, that they believe their own kids shit glitter and write about all manner of other non-sisterhood related sinfulness including, get this, SUCCESS! CAREERS! […]

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