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‘Mum, when can we go back? Tomorrow and the day after?’ Yes, I’m being nagged about going back already. We went to Legoland yesterday and found it a pretty good experience. I think we were quite lucky because it was the first day of half term on bank holiday – it wasn’t too busy. The […]

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I received this video the other day and thought it was quite cool so I got my daughter to watch it to see if she enjoyed it and got the message. She quite liked the content and also noticed the endframe which is the ChildLine advice line. As children get older homework and exams become […]

Residents of our local Eco village have been served with an eviction notice to quit the land. Now, first of all, let’s not confuse this with Eco the very chic upcycling shop on Chiswick High Road in which Colin Firth has a vested interest. This Eco village is a ‘grow your own village’ – a […]

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Isn’t it great when companies get things right? I suppose that’s what it I really love about great gadgetry; products that look really cool and are well designed on the inside and the outside too. It must have been a freudian slip of the fingers on my keyboard; instead of typing flash drive, out came […]

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Summer in England is amazing; but only if it actually happens. So this weekend has put it into gear full throttle.

I don’t have to shiver in the morning. I can remember what it’s like to go on holiday. I have tan lines again. This is wonderful. The world is happy.

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This is my first foray into the Gallery. I have three photos which I’m posting as my contribution. They were taken last month while we were stuck in Juan les Pins in the South of France and unable to get home due to the volcanic cloud. We were staying in a 4* hotel which was great, except it was empty (except for a phantom crapper who dropped a load outside of our lift – I kid you not), and also it felt like The Shining. It was weird.

Sex and the City 2 – spoilers – fabulous scenes from the movie

These rather grubby fox cubs usually get up at 8am or so and have a stretch out in the sunshine before having a bit of a lark about and then making their way out of our garden and into the neighbourhood to forage or do whatever they do.

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picasso pan

I found the visit incredibly inspiring and have started working again; that means painting and sketching. It’s one of my great loves Art but elusive at times but I seem to have grasped it again, for some time I hope, and all in the face of the volcano no less.

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The irony is not lost on me in the least; with the Tories back in power and harem pants back in fashion, I think the Hot Tub Time Machine has taken us all back to the 80s… However, photoshop and airbrushing didn’t quite exist the same way they do know, but my question is; if you went back to the 1980s, what would you bring back to 2010 and what would you bury there?

If you’re a blogger there are some things you should know about how brands view you…and not just in travel either. Your blog can make for a rich and rewarding experience through the communities you engage with which will without any doubt include brands.

And what makes me so qualified to write this post? I’ve been a corporate blogger for over four years and a parenting and lifestyle blogger for nearly two. My advice is for bloggers who are finding themselves approached by brands, pr agencies, digital agencies and advertising agencies who are all trying to get a piece of this new blogging bubble.

Do anti cellulite creams work? You need to use it for one month morning and night and apply it from the ankles up to the waistline. It smells exotic and contains caffeine, menthol, camphor and salicylic acid plus ginseng and biloba. On first application, I was expecting to be glooped but the serum-like gel dries quickly and the tingling sensations do last a while.

Why can’t you change your account names on facebook and youtube to nicknames? It seems like a simple tool which was totally easily to do on instant messenger, so why the problem?

Now I still haven’t learned how to post this into the side bar but it’s obviously not going to work on this template anyhow, but for all that, here’s my Tots100 badge. Well done to all the new blogs too, seems there are oodles these days! x

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Is election fever winding you up? Has the last four weeks been a white knuckle ride or has your blood pressure risen on sight of certain politicians? I admit it, the whole thing has been for me and I’m glad I’ve voted. I grew up in a very political household. My very Conservative Mother believed […]

Choosing the right education for your child is not just a personal choice, it is heavily laden with responsibility. That choice will help define the future in some way. But how much?

I’m on the frontline of parenting. I’m a Mum who understands the issues around food and nutrition, not a journalist on a deadline who is looking for a headline. Is it lazy PR to send me a press release meant for a print writer or is it failure to understand the mindset of a blogger? Even worse, is it spam?

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