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Facebook – are we friends yet? So why can't I have a nickname

I love the way facebook changes so much and all the time, it’s easy to spend hours catching up on everyone’s updates on comments but sometimes it’s good to have a dig around and see what they’re working on back at the HQ. There’s some great personalisation stuff happening on yelp.

My point of pain which I feel with both facebook and youtube, is that as a blogger, I have to split my blog name up. So nixdminx becomes Nixd Minx (see below). Because this is a personal blog I just don’t see the need to create a fan page or group, may I should have but it doesn’t seem right. It’s the same with my youtube channel, I really want to rename my personal channel to my blog name but I can’t. It seems such a simple thing to do so why can’t I? Don’t you remember when you could change your IM name on a whim on messenger? It also means that people miss out on me when they’re looking for me. Grrrrr.

Nixd Minx

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1 Comment to “Facebook – are we friends yet? So why can't I have a nickname”

  1. Can you not change your name on facebook? yes, you can, I’ve changed it often times. Not sure about Youtube Channels…

    Agree that personal bloggers that have facebook pages are being a bit uppity. Even when they have been rebranded as the “whatever mom” or “whichever foodie”. It is not so bad though now that fans are only “people who like”, but still :)


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