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baby foxes at play in our garden

Urban foxes – are they pests or pets? They are unavoidable here in London and I often see them walking down the road, totally unbothered by humans. They are very much friends of ours here at Nixdminx towers. Tempting as it is, we are not going to far as to feed them.

They have been pretty much invisible until the last week or so and now they’re very much part of the landscape. They live right at the back of the garden under the shed and have dug out so much earth that I fear it may collapse but I don’t really want to disturb them.

These rather grubby fox cubs usually get up at 8am or so and have a stretch out in the sunshine before having a bit of a lark about and then making their way out of our garden and into the neighbourhood to forage or do whatever they do.


We have four little babies and one of the fox cubs has got a name. Cotton Bud – can you see the one on the right in the photo below, with the white hare-like tail?

fox cubs playing 1

And as you can see from this photo, Cotton Bud is a bit of a joker. He here is taking a chunk out of his sibling.

fox cubs playing 2

This whole experience has brought out Miniminx’s entrepreneurial spirit in a much bigger way than I’d expected. While I’m hightailing it around the house and imagining myself as an award winning wildlife photographer, she has entirely different plans.

‘Look – there’s a fox climbing on the back fence – quick – let me get my camera’ I spluttered yesterday morning as I tried to gulp down my essential morning cuppa.
‘Awwwwwwwwwwwww, they’re soooooooo cute Mummy.’
‘Quick come upstairs so we can get a better view.’
We both clamber upstairs and gawp out of the window.

More cooing from Miniminx while I try unsuccessfully to snap away and only get blurry images.
‘It’s a zoo out there darling – isn’t it amazing?’
‘Mummy! I’ve got the greatest idea.’
‘What darling?’
‘We can open a zoo and charge people £1 to come and look at the foxes’
‘Ummm…ahem…shhh, I need to focus.’
‘No, actually, £1 per fox…then we can make a lot of money…’

Ermm, so anyway, if you want to see them, it’s £4 a ticket and cash only….don’t blame me!

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5 Comments to “baby foxes at play in our garden”

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  2. They’re just gorgeous. We have a family next door too but haven’t seen the babies, just the Daddy. And he’s a big ‘un.
    .-= Liz (LivingwithKids)´s last blog ..Corrie’s Sally is an inspiration =-.

    • admin says:

      I’m properly getting the hang of my zoom camera now so hope to get some better shots of them over the next few days. They’re going to love bbq season aren’t they??!!

  3. Sorry about this, you won’t like my comment I know but to the countryside, they’re a bloody damn nuisance. Over the past two weeks they have killed five of my hens. They just kill them, and leave them. We go out and shoot the fox. Bloody stupid idea to ban fox hunting. I hate the buggers. If we ever see one near the hen house or near the sheds we reach for the gun. One of these days I’ll change my name to Annie.

    CJ xx
    .-= Crystal Jigsaw´s last blog ..Holding On =-.

    • admin says:

      I can tell they’re pretty predatory but the urban fox is a different type of animal altogether – they fight with the cats but they don’t go on killing sprees. If only we could train them up to handle gang warfare! I’m anti-fox hunting but you’re entitled to your opinion. I’m a townie through and through….

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