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review: the YuuWaa 8gb flash drive
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Isn’t it great when companies get things right?

I suppose that’s what it I really love about great gadgetry; products that look really cool and are well designed on the inside and the outside too.

It must have been a freudian slip of the fingers on my keyboard; instead of typing flash drive, out came flashion.  Flashion?  The YuuWaa is surely where flash technology and fashion meet.  Well, that’s my take on it anway.

When I received the ∞ YuuWaa® flash driver from Gemalto – I was not sure what to expect.  I’ve got a massive collection of USB sticks which I’ve been given at various events, or bought myself.   In my book, storage devices have become the new ‘branded biro’ which companies hand out willy nilly.  On the product shelf, there’s no real stand out product for me. I tend to opt for an SD card these days but it’s got no added benefits.

This product is different altogether.

It really looks good.  It performs well too.  If Audi made flash drives…well, this is what they’d be like.

When I decided to back up my vast collection of photography, it took me several hours and at least 5 memory sticks of varying capacity. What a waste of time; using this swish little powerhouse, it literally took a couple of minutes, if that, to transfer my vast array of 3mb images.

I was a little reticent, if not hesitant, to set up the offsite storage facility. It’s free for 6 months but when I looked into keeping it up; the costs are tiny.  For someone who has had SD cards stolen out of laptops, a complete computer blow out thanks to two glasses of wine (oh dear) spilling on two laptops and also tends to work on no less than three computers, this is definitely the safetynet I need.

Just follow these three simple steps to back up nirvana…

1. Plug in your YuuWaa flash drive in order to create your account and register to the online services.

2. Create your password, enter a valid email address and your Product Registration Number which you will find on your YuuWaa Card attached to the back of your User Manual.

3. You can now start to Store, Backup and Share your data anytime anywhere. The first backup of your YuuWaa flash drive will be launched automatically.

To purchase a YuuWaa flash drive and start using the services, please go to the Where to Buy page to find your nearest supplier.

A year contract for storage is €41.70 which includes 50gb – you can buy one of the lovelies on amazon for under £30.  I have to say it’s an investment worth making.  If you’re backing up your blog, photo album, videos, or just everything, it will certainly make it simple and quick – and that is all I ask for.

Thanks to Kaizo for sending me the product to review and thanks to Gemalto for bothering to engage with us bloggers too.

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