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exams: stress busters
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I received this video the other day and thought it was quite cool so I got my daughter to watch it to see if she enjoyed it and got the message. She quite liked the content and also noticed the endframe which is the ChildLine advice line.

As children get older homework and exams become more pressured. ChildLine has produced a tip sheet on how to beat the bothers of worry, pressure, and all those mixed up feelings that come with exam time. There is lots to look at and I think that in itself would help relieve a bit of worry for stressed out kids.

Some of the prize beat exam stress tips include:

Do some yoga
Play music
Drink water
Create a study plan
Check out BBC Bitesize

I remember exams; even though they were a very long time ago. I made sure I had a good revision time table which gave me some time off too. Teenagers under pressure need to let off steam and I found the best way to do it was go to gigs – I wonder what my daughter will do when the time comes?

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