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the one where I replace my wardrobe…
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Well, I’m being dramatic, I have not replaced the entire wardrobe, it’s had a necessary update as a few things need replacing. Actually, these few things are being parked permanently; in the dressing up box or the ‘vintage’ pile for my daughter, never to see the light of day until she asks for them.

But back to the spree. For once, I avoided my holy trinity of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Whistles and headed to Hoxton Boutique – one of my faves – and as you can see from the photo it has an eclectic style. It’s the first time in ages that I feel really excited about the clothes. Usually I do a smash and grab panic buy and feel like I’ve got clothes just for the sake of it and don’t really feel good in them. But these are all great and from new designers I don’t know which means a discovery has been made.

I’ve managed to bag a gorgeous Totem dress and a gorgeous BZR braided cream top. Also in the bag is a Sugarhill boutique dress – handmade in Bali and very individual. My new finds for everyday wear are Pastelle and not the Kanye West range – this one is by Patricia Elbaz, Dr Denim and BZR. It’s so refreshing to find new affordable labels that cater to the individual. I love the less mainstream shops like APC and The Dispensary but they’re really rooted in my 90s style and I’m really going off the brash big designer brands. I’m not quite sure why.

So what triggered this particular mini spree? I’m sad to say this has all been brought on by a most disastrous wardrobe malfunction last weekend. What was I thinking? Perhaps the excitement of the World Cup clash of England v US and the sunshine combined with a big fat bbq at my house with oodles of friends had something to do with it. As usual, with so much to do, I hadn’t really planned my outfit and thought I could easily play it by ear. I had planned to get in a cleaner to blitz the house and also iron a Luton van’s worth of clothes – I booked one using what looked like a pretty cool web site, but they never got back to me! So I was left in the lurch to do all the cleaning myself and collapsed under the weight of it all and sloped off to Miniminx’s School Summer Fair before the guests arrived. I managed two glasses of wine before wobbling home on my bike to get ready.

It must have been a stress related decision. My top was fine, my leggings were fine, my feet, my hair but I had no skirt. My favourite G-Star skirt which I’d worn to death had been binned a week before and I’d promised myself to buy a new one but did not have the time. Rats.

They always say never keep anything you haven’t used or worn for two or more years, so what tempted me to rummage through my old designer rags that I’ve long tired of but can’t bear to throw away I don’t know. I’ll put you all out of your misery now – I donned a Helmut Lang hipster black denim mini that should not be worn by anyone over 40 who has given up smoking. I admit it was not my smartest decision. But I I was being ironic. As I sat down to look at my photos from the day I saw ‘the photograph’. You know that photograph, ‘the one’ that makes you check, check and recheck that it’s you. Oh dear oh dear.

I’d like to say I have checked into a spa until I hit size zero and feel ready to emerge refreshed and renewed. Well, actually, I’d rather say, sod that. I’m far too old to get caught up in all that vanity. I just went out and bought a more flattering wardrobe that fits, and binned the unnecessary booze that I love to guzzle.

And the reason I adore my Totem dress is that it’s a total liar, the label says size 10 which is most definitely US 10 but I’m not telling anyone that!

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3 Comments to “the one where I replace my wardrobe…”

  1. Potty Mummy says:

    I LOVE the US sizing charts…
    .-= Potty Mummy´s last blog ..Stupid is as stupid says… =-.

  2. Letitia says:

    That’s an apt answer to an inretesting question

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