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essentials magazine wants you!
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Oh wow – essentials magazine has had a social media make over and that’s pretty cool in my book oops I mean blog – better still, it’s an open invitation to join in.

This magazine wants everyone single one of us lovely ladies to get involved and is calling on all of you real women – whatever your size, shape, height, or age to join the party.

If you would like to appear in a glossy womens lifestyle magazine this is your chance to shine!  Simply visit for further details on how to enter, and follow the campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages…they can’t wait to hear from you.

I’ve been asked to write a little bit about ‘Who is the most important real woman in my life?’.

That’s a hard question to answer because I can’t really go for just one, so I would like this opportunity to call out to all the amazing women I know – you are thought very highly of and you’re incredibly special.

Every minute of every hour, of every day, I’m surrounded by real women who I admire, and also the one who I’ve lost and others who I’ve come close to losing.  It’s all part of life’s beautiful and poignant tapestry which is why it should be celebrated.

I look at the photographs I have of my Mother everyday and even though she has passed away she is with me.  I see her in myself and of course my daughter, who is going to be an amazing woman one day.  And of course there’s my sister and her daughter who is about to become a new Mum.

I’m certainly not forgetting the brilliant friends of mine who I’ve known for so many years and so well that we feel like sisters.  We’ve known each other for decades and through bad hairdos, boyfriends, bumps and more than our fair share of cocktails.

At my daughter’s school there is one amazing woman in particular who runs the before and after school club – we adore her.  There’s also the passionate and caring head mistress who can’t get through a school event dry eyed – we totally love her, please don’t ever stop sobbing at sports day or the end of term, it just wouldn’t be the same.

And finally, here’s to all the amazing working Mums I know who hold it together and carry the can and keep it together wonderfully, come rain, shine or champagne and duvet days!

This a Handpicked Digitorial in association with essentials

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