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the gallery: creatures of ancient lands
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I’m adding this photo to the Gallery this week because it’s a picture I took of the spitting, snarling camels that we rode across the Sahara last year. They’re funny creatures; they rock you into a mesmerised state as you plod across the desert. You can see for miles and miles and after a while the dunes merge with the sky and it’s a very calming experience. Getting on and off camels is not however, I nearly got thrown off when I first got on and really hurt my hand by holding on to the metal bars for dear life.

My daughter freaked out about the height and decided to walk it – she did five or so hours walking – I never knew she was so tough. She didn’t complain once – this was no mean feat – and whenever we are having a difficult journey I always remind her how well she coped with this.

Camel riding is a strange and ancient thing, after several hours, it gets really uncomfortable and a total relief to get your feet on the ground again. We had just arrived at our camp site – a few sand dunes – which our Berber guides were setting up when these camels took the weight of their feet.

The camels were parked for the night and we were really suprised to see that they were tied up – not to any post but a front leg was tied so they couldn’t run away. They were a family of camels and while I don’t think I’ll ever travel by camel again, it was worth the experience (even if I did get a bruised backside and carpet burns from the very basic saddle). This was the youngest camel, and she’s called Desi.

I’ve had a tinker with the contrast and brightness using Windows Picture Manager – these photos look straight out of the 1950s – I should really get a bit more sophisticated with my post production techniques and use the right software. Still, it’s good fun to mess around with.

I watched many Abbott and Costello films as a kid and the Foreign Legion one always made me laugh – so it’s no wonder it sprang to mind on our desert jaunt. If you don’t have time, just catch the first minute of the video below for the missing camel joke.

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5 Comments to “the gallery: creatures of ancient lands”

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    Now are they camels or dromedorys – I never know the difference!

  2. @jencull says:

    brilliant! I was on a camel ride once, scared the living daylights out of me, kept trying to *kiss* me lol. Love them all the same:) Jen.

  3. Susie says:

    I live in Israel and every year when we end up in Eilat I debate about the camel riding. Still too chicken.

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