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On the discovery of French rhyming slang
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Isn’t travel great – it broadens the mind, challenges the palate and gives life new meanings and for me and my daughter, in more way than one.

We’ve just returned from France. Learning to speak like a local has been part of the journey, well, supposedly it has. In fact, it’s been more of a revelation about my colourful use of language.

We arrived at the Eurostar station and got our luggage out of the train and found our taxi. It was a really early morning jaunt so I was not up for a full on conversation in another language, but I tried to make an effort in between dozing.

When we arrived, I thanked the driver and we walked away with our stuff, all excitement, apprehension and non stop chattering, as you do. Miniminx is all ears when we are abroad, she’s learning French and I can just about get by. If she hears me say something new she wants to know what it is and if she meets someone her age she always wants tips on what to say.

‘Mum – what’s the word for right and what’s the word for left again?’

‘A droit and a gauche.’

‘Oh, that’s it. Droit. Dwot, dwoit, duwat.’ She laughs as she rolls the word around her mouth like a gob stopper. ‘It sounds like….’

‘Like droit darling. It’s spelt; D-r-o-i-t. But you don’t really pronounce the ‘r’.’

‘Oh, I thought it was dwat – spelt D-w-a-t. You know, like that word…’ she turns to me and sniggers, ‘You know that word you sometimes say.’

‘What word….Dwat? In French?’ She notices the flicker of recognition on my face, then the widening of eyes as I’m reminded of yet another of my potty mouthed aberrations emerges as she replies.

‘No, in English Mum, it’s the word that begins with ‘T’.’

‘Oh. Oh dear.’

I look away and mumble ‘Shit’ under my breath. I would really like to think that my daughter views me on a higher level than someone that calls all French cab drivers a tw*t.

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2 Comments to “On the discovery of French rhyming slang”

  1. Welcome back! I am sure you would never call a cab driver a twat. At least not on purpose. Very much looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

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