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live from Cybermummy 2010 – the content session
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I’m here at the 11:00 – 11:50 Content Session on What makes a great blog post?

Jennifer Howze is talking about what you need to do to be a good blogger. She says it’s not just about content; it’s about getting involved and that the readers tend to be searingly honest in their criticism.

Next it’s over to the the panellists who have great credits in journalism, writing and blogging.

Josie from Sleep is for the Weak is telling the audience about how honesty means she writes about pain and gain. She doesn’t just write about motherhood. She also wants a window into your own wonderful world, full of imperfection and amazing personal stories. I think she is quite an inspirational speaker; she’s going to get a big round of applause at the end of this!

Now on to Supersavvy me – the P&G parenting blog – and this is the story of the community. Laura Lee is a ‘reformed’ rock and celebrity journo who says mummy blogging offers fascinating insights into the mundane. She mentions quirky stories; like eBay popping round to your house to tell you what will sell and a round up of the best five vanillas to use in your icecream.

Gigi is the editor and founder of Mumsrock – and she wants to tell the audience about what she’s looking for in good content. If your content strikes a nerve; Mumsrock will love it because it starts a conversation. She is talking about her story on the M-word – about what it means to be called Mum. It became embroiled in a Daily Mail controversy and was republished there, causing an uproar. She thanks Liz Jones for all the traffic that comes to the site due to articles she’s posted. That’s why Mums Rock!

Judith is Wife in the North – she is hilarious and incredibly successful. She got a book deal from well written posts. And great that she is here; she says her stories were very confessional and that made it a good read. But first and foremost you have to write as well as you can and also do some soul searching. Are you writing to entertain, be creative, vent or make friends? Be aware of that means. Above all it’s really empowering to be a blogger, especially women.

India is on now and she is very proud of the way women are blogging and are no longer isolated thanks to blogging. Her views on content; blog envy! She does not have the same freedom as a freeform blogger. She thinks bloggers should relish that – and also write what you want to read – even if it’s bottom jokes! If you don’t entertain yourself, don’t bother. Even if it’s arcane, bizarre or boring; it can still make an interesting read. Anything that feels too laboured it’s not going to work; it should look effortless. Stick to what you know and that will work best and you will get what you want out of blogging. And to finish, blogging has reclaimed domestic life!

And now it’s question time.

How to deal with negative comments
WITN; said she got some shtick for being a novelist, journalist and female who was making money. If comments are fair and negative you need to toughen up. You can explain yourself in comments if you want to field the criticism or respond. You can be rude back or block the comments if you don’t want to retaliate.

Q2 What about no comments?
Keep at it and visit other blogs and don’t get too worried say SIFTW.

Q3 Is about how much information should you share on your blog?
WITN says if you would not be prepared to say it, don’t write it. IK about children’s privacy – she’s not sure but says your follow your instinct and I think this discussion will be a continuing theme for the day. Gigi says that anonymous blogging is where people have the place to vent but don’t hurt people and be careful how you say it.

Getting personal, doing product reviews, and learning why good writing is just the beginning.

And the panel again – details are below, including links.
* Jennifer Howze, The Times and alphamummy (moderator)
* LauraLee Davies, supersavvyme
* Gigi Eligoloff, mumsrock
* Josie George, sleepisfortheweak
* India Knight, The Sunday Times and
* Judith O’Reilly, wifeinthenorth

Cyberymummy is today July 3 2010 at

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