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Cybermummy or womanhood?
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I have to say the word Cybermummy has raised a few eyebrows as I’ve chucked it around for the last few months – it’s made me giggle a bit to be frank.

I confess that on occasion, I’ve imagined giant Michelin Man style Dr Who baddies crafted in metallic silver suits with high pitched voices charging through London, armed with iPads shouting; Blog Post! Twitter! Bloggity-dash-dot-com.  Well, sorry, I shouldn’t have shared that last bit, but you get the gist.

So roll on July 3 2010 and the big day had finally arrived.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect; well, maybe a lots of birkenstocks and maxi dresses due to the gossiping taking place on twitter, and more than a few friendly faces congregating in a London hotel for the conference.  But still, it wasn’t forming proper shapes in my brain, I couldn’t yet see what form it was all going to take.

I arrived at the Ibis on Lillie Road.  It was crazy hot weather even at 10 am-ish so I was craving the comforts of air con.  Wanting to avoid the rush, I missed the first bit and walked in to the reception to pick up my ticket.  There were friendly hellos.  And then I wandered into the hall to drink coffee and lots of it.

To say I was suprised at the vision in front of me was an understatement; Mummy bloggers were everywhere and had taken over the venue big style for the day, and with hardly a man in sight it was quite bizarre. If google maps had their cameras out that day there would have been a great big sign for femininity above SW6, rather like the one below.

Even the men’s toilets had been sequestered to accommodate the crowd – Duchamp would have quivered at this derivative of his iconic installation. Nicely done though isn’t it?  I couldn’t help myself and had to take a photo.

I was liveblogging from the first session which was great.  Lots of seriousness offset with giggles and crying babes in arms wanting to get in on the act. There was definitely a feeling of excitement and warmth inside that cool hall.

It was great to see so many bloggers; there was lots of hot gossip, catching up, pointing out ‘She’s the one that wrote…’ to each other and meeting people for the first time who I’ve known online for an age.

What struck me too was that throughout the last couple of years, there’ve been a number of bloggers going through pregnancies and there were babies now, WAHM BAHM’s has grown, Glowstars has given birth, it all moves on so quickly.

There was a keynote, a crowdsourced keynote, just the term sounds so clever, so cyber and so unMummyish, that I thought I’d walked into a dot com camp or hackday.  That was until the stories came tumbling out from nervous speakers who were more than a little overwhelmed by being on stage and speaking into a microphone under bright lights.

When Sandy Calico read out her post, she had to catch her breath a few times, and the rest of us sat and listened in awe.  Eyes glistened, we all drooled tears and grasped at the table napkins to hastily wipe them away.  I wasn’t going to cry, I thought, I’ll sit here and tough it out.  But I couldn’t.  I’m just a human after all.  Not a real cyber Mummy – flesh and blood and just one of the girls too. I was not alone, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

Carol read out her story and I was stunned about how brave she was to have survived it, and lived well, and stood before us to tell her tale, but it was The Madhouse that made me want to sit under the table and weep as she recounted her close encounter with death.  It was a humbling experience and I had a slow dawn, a realisation and a new feeling about this closeness and intimacy that we all share through our writing.  It wasn’t about being a blogger, or a Mum, it was about sharing womanhood, simple, true and clear.

It was an amazing experience – and of course, there was the next generation sleeping through it all just behind me – what a doll isn’t she?

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28 Comments to “Cybermummy or womanhood?”

  1. Lovely summing up of the day! It was so great to meet you – and I am still hugely jealous of your fantastic jacket!

    • admin says:

      Great to meet you too – you see I started out as a cybermummy with that metallic jacket only to find I was human underneath! What a day it was eh? x

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  3. Deer Baby says:

    That was a great post summing up the day so well. The keynote was definitely my highlight of the day.

  4. Sandy Calico says:

    Sorry I made you cry! CM was a bitch-free celebration of friendship and I loved it. Glad we got to chat, we should do it more often x

  5. Potty Mummy says:

    Well I WAS going to write a post about Saturday but I think you may just have said it all… Oh but WTH – when has that stopped me before?

  6. Hey Eva, It was a pleasure to meet you. You have totally summed up the day.

    • admin says:

      thanks for the visit – you must be exhausted. What a great job you all did, it was so much fun and I had such a hangover too xx

  7. New Mummy says:

    Great post and thank you for the lovely comment about my keynote post x x It was great meeting you x

  8. Nadine Hill says:

    Great post!
    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to find it highly amusing that the men’s urinals were shielded by a row of Ficus Shrubs!!

  9. Amy Lane says:

    Lovely to meet you on Saturday, we really rocked that pub quiz! I missed seeing the well-placed plants in the Gents, was told to avoid at all costs!!

    • admin says:

      Ha ha ha – you probably went in to the toilets without realising because they were all relabelled! Yes, we won, we won, we won!

  10. Surprisemum says:

    Sorry I missed it!

  11. TheMadHouse says:

    It was a joy to meet you and the social aspect of the day was excellant

  12. Vic says:

    It was amazing! Was fab to meet you again – oh how things have changed in those few months since the zoo.

  13. Expat Mum says:

    And a big round of applause to those babies. They were all SO good. Must have been all that mumminess in the place!

  14. The keynote was the best bit of the day for me too! Gutted I didn’t get to meet you – there were so many people I wanted to meet but I couldn’t get around everyone! There’s always next year.

  15. siwchocolate says:

    Funny looks like you caught me sleeping on the blog behind you too… no must have been trying to blink out the tears! ;-)

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