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Miniminx interviews the founder of Club Penguin
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We’re a bit cheeky at times so when I was asked if we wanted to meet Lane Merrifield, the founder of Club Penguin this week, I thought, No, I don’t but I know someone who does, and that someone being my daughter, I asked if it would be possible for her to interview him. And they said Yes! So here it is; and happy reading.

MM: Why do you like Penguins so much?
LM: We really like the idea that Penguins live in community groups and have to work together in order to get things done, be safe and thrive.

MM: Why did you call it club Penguin?
LM: Penguins belong to community groups, which is a bit like what we humans would refer to as a club, so the name Club Penguin was born.

MM: Why do you have to become a member to do and buy stuff?
LM: All players can create a penguin, explore, meet friends, play games and go to parties. You don’t have to be a member. Members do have more opportunities to buy things to decorate their igloos and accessorise their Penguins but we make sure there are free items for non members and plenty of games and activities to enjoy.

The money we make from memberships helps to make sure we can keep Club Penguin up and running. We have big teams that offer support and keep Club Penguin safe for everyone. The membership money also means that we don’t have to take money from advertisers. It’s important to us that Club Penguin stays advert free.

MM: I was a secret agent and I still am, but I can’t do the missions anymore, why is that?
LM: It sounds to me like you might need to complete the EPF test in the Everyday Phoning Facility so you can access the EPF Command room. From here you can play the old PSA missions and access the new EPF Field Ops.

If you have any more problems drop us an email here

MM: Why has the pod disappeared in the corner? (the one onscreen)
LM: If the pod you are referring to is the spy phone then this has recently been updated for the newer EPF spy phone! This new gadget has a new updated touch screen interface and advanced teleportation technology. This piece of equipment should be in any top agent’s inventory! If you can’t see the new spy phone on your screen, then you must complete your EPF training.

To become an Elite Agent, you need to wait for an invitation from the EPF. They’ll send you one after you’ve been around the island for a little while. Then just follow the instructions on the invitation. You can also click on the big yellow “M” badge in the right hand corner of Club Penguin for more information on how to report rule breakers.

Keep your penguin peepers peeled.

MM: How do I send postcards because it doesn’t work?
LM: You can use Penguin Mail to send postcards to your friends in Club Penguin. Just access your inbox by clicking on the envelope icon at the top left of your screen. To send a postcard, open the postcard catalog, select a buddy and the postcard you want to send. Preview the postcard and then click yes to send. Postcards cost 10 coins to send.

MM: How do I ask someone if they want to be my buddy?
LM: If you have made a new friend, click on the Penguin you have been chatting to and then click on the smiley face on their profile page. This sends a buddy request to your new friend.

MM: My friend has the DS game and it’s so different to the one on the computer? I thought it was that but on the DS.
LM: The DS game is inspired by Club Penguin but the entire virtual world is not available through the DS. We’ve created some new games and challenges especially for the DS, but you can also discover codes that will unlock bonus items in the Club Penguin virtual world.

And let me know in the comments sectionif you have a fan in your household as I’ve got one of these goodies to give away, a Club Penguin bundle which includes a DS Game. Happy days all round.

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  2. Classic. I bet that had him sweating! Mini Minx should hook up with TotallySonny, they would make an awesome blogging crew.

    • admin says:

      How funny – I did imagine a whole swat team of press people freaking out about difficult questions and preparing a huge briefing document with endless Q&A – they were really nice about the whole thing and she loved doing it – needless to say it was all done online!

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