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the gallery: a novel idea; The Little Prince
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My gallery contribution is inspired by one of the most wistful books I ever read.   It’s by Antoine de St Exupéry and called The Little Prince (or Le Petit Prince to those of you who have read it in French).

For those of you who know the book you might find this picture resonates with it and it’s yet another one I took in the Sahara.  This time it’s daybreak and even though the photo is of my daughter, the cartoon like quality echoes the book so well that I was quite taken aback when I first viewed the images after taking them.  I’ve toned down the colour to look more like an inkwash and I love the long shadows.

I love the the book, it’s so abstract and random; waking up in the desert was much the same. It was as if we were living on a distant moon without a hint of civilisation in sight.

While The Little Prince is somewhat of a morality tale, I’m more taken with the story of the writer.  I first discovered the book 20 or so years ago and forgot about it and then about 12 years ago, when I flew into St Etienne de St Exupéry airport in France which was a tiny place then, almost a hangar, I was reminded of it again. Exupéry wrote only one book and literally flew off into the sunset never to been seen again.

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  1. I first came aross this book as it was on my French A-level syllabus. Your photo really does fit it well.

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