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Review: savvy social media shopping
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One of the biggest changes in shopping in recent years has been the mash up of bargain hunting consumers, driven by the credit crunch, and social media.  We all want more, a lot more, for a lot less without sacrificing on quality or quantity.  A handful of small start ups are helping this happen and I’ve picked out a few that I think are worth checking out.

I’ve signed up to loads of voucher sites and I’m quite partial to making savings when and where I can but I always prefer a recommendation from someone.

VoucherHub combines the two because it’s people-powered so it helps you in both finding and sharing money-saving vouchers. Members post, recommend and rank thousands of online and printable vouchers for food, fashion, travel and services, making it fast and easy to find the best available discount.

I was surprised at the variety of companies featured because there’s even the NCT which is great for families.  There’s also great brands like ASOS and I spotted some great savings on eBay too.

There are lots of places where you can share and also recommend vouchers but it’s ot hugely populated at the moment.

Living Social is well worth checking out but it’s London only and one day deals so I can already hear you lot outside of the capital groaning – check back if you’re coming to town for some sightseeing and shopping, you might get a great deal on a restaurant.

And then there’s groupon which is another social shopping deal site with lots of big daily offers.

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