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Summer street party; community spirit alive and kicking
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For those humbugs who say community spirit has gone down the pan, well I say, have a look around you and you might just have to get involved to find out where it’s at.

We had our Summer street party a couple of weekends ago and it was a brilliantly organised day with everyone mucking in to make it happen. As someone who is more at home at the Notting Hill Carnival, I wasn’t sure what to expect; we had a great day and a packed agenda, which you can see scrawled on the white board below.

There was an unashamedly retro feel to the day, much in evidence with Audrey’s tea rooms and bunting all around, and it all felt very British.

I added some Mackerel to the bbq and a twist of Britishness to the marinade with these little flags.

We also brought a Pinata for the kids to bash to pieces and there was a great game of egg throwing which went on for some time, much to my amusement. Some kids couldn’t take the pace so there were a few tears when the eggs dropped but other than that it was hilarious.

The kitchens were all busy preparing a sitdown meal for a hundred or so of us at 7pm and it was amazing. Just look at these gorgeous salads. The tables and chairs were all borrowed from local schools and we paid £10 for the party fund.

The road was cordoned off so the kids could run around freely. The local fire brigade popped by to do a demo which I missed as I’d popped inside to finish off a salad, Miniminx told me about a week later that she’d washed down the street with the firehose. Little Britain? Yeah, I know!

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4 Comments to “Summer street party; community spirit alive and kicking”

  1. How inspiring! Who had the initial idea, or is it something your street has been doing for a while?

    • admin says:

      It’s quite a tradition and happens every other year, really nice to hang out with our neighbours who we don’t know very well. x

  2. Community spirit is definitely still around, up here definitely even though it doesn’t come out much. Sounds like a great time had by all.

    CJ xx

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