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On the outside looking in to a community session for Mums about nutrition. And on the inside, this is what is under discussion today. A crowd of Mums and small children gather around the healthworker to learn about a balanced diet. This is such a clever way to demonstrate it – the food groups are […]

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We flew out from Heathrow yesterday and made a short stop over at Dohar – the heat was immense when we got off the plane. As we prepared for the transfer, the countdown was on, we were just another six hours or so from arriving in Dhaka. And I nearly left my passport at security… […]

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It’s only now that I’ve checked in for my flight online that this trip now exists in the real world. Ostensibly it’s been lived out online so far with more of blizzard than a flurry of tweets and blogs for the last few weeks. I’ve spent a lot of it researching Bangladesh and it’s rich […]

I have to admit to having a bit of a school uniform panic. It’s not just the shopping, it’s the rapid growth of my beanpole 10 year old – she’s not only outgrown last year’s school shoes but her bike as well. So when we were mooching around the shops the other day I wondered […]

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Is it a curious novelty to send three Mums to Bangladesh to blog about their odyssey or a stroke of genius? Only time will tell about but already the signs are looking hopeful that change is afoot. Will we help hit the magic 100,000 names on the Save the Children petition? Can we help influence […]

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It started out as something really easy so how did it all become so difficult? A few weeks ago, after months if not years of procrastination, I felt I ready to write my first script. I was hoping it would be a comedy but it’s really a drama. In fact the process has become a […]

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I can’t help thinking that someone somewhere in the ‘new’ government has put a ‘facebook-style’ social policy making programme into place. Cameron: ‘Yes, let’s make bit outrageous changes and put it to the people – if they hate it, we won’t let us do it – but if they love it, it’s their fault if […]

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I’m one of those people that has an idea and then seeks out the thing, or things, that I need to make it happen. This ‘idea’ I have had, for some time actually, is to buy an old printers tray and repurpose it. Having searched on eBay and online, I knew the only way I’d […]

Every day the power of blogging and twitter and social media is questioned. And so it should be, for where would we be without answers? ‘Why do you blog?’ ‘What’s the point of twitter?’ ‘Who actually cares?’ ‘What’s the point?’ I say actions speak louder than words, why waste time on theory when we already […]

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We all have been hearing the updates throughout the Monsoon floods in Pakistan and we can make a difference. Just post this on your twitter feed and ask for a retweet – we’ve had a few already and word is spreading #bloggersforpakistan raise money for flood disaster & donate to DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) here […]

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Philips has launched it’s latest range of Satin Perfect epilators with Jamelia, who’s done some vox pops in Soho Square and a guide to looking great too, have a look at the video below. Prepping for the holiday is no easy task when you’ve got a family to pack for; it takes planning and can […]

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The idea of eating out in Knightsbridge makes me think of fusty tea rooms and cheesey bars – there’s nowhere really around that has the right cache for my eclectic taste. Off Knightbridge there are some great old pubs but the area has been taken over by what I can only describe as high street […]

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We’ve just spent two days at Disneyland Paris and two days recovering have now had our Disney fix for another year or so. I am a lover of anything kitsch and pop, so Disney really does it for me – you can’t beat the iconic images of Mickey Mouse around the place and the great […]

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