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Mummy bloggers head to Bangladesh #blogladesh
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Every day the power of blogging and twitter and social media is questioned. And so it should be, for where would we be without answers?

‘Why do you blog?’
‘What’s the point of twitter?’
‘Who actually cares?’
‘What’s the point?’

I say actions speak louder than words, why waste time on theory when we already have amazing and unquestionable proof.

When I set up a hashtag on Wednesday I thought it might help, it was #bloggersforpakistan, and based upon the #bloggersforhaiti which we used earlier this year. By lunchtime the same day it went global. It surprised and amazed me as a seemingly disconnected community continued to retweet the hash tag and link to the DEC fund raising site – the support gathered swiftly and made an impact in a way that none of us could ever imagined a few years ago. Suddenly there was a buzz which generated awareness.

Imagine this ‘buzz’ as a Morse Code, or a cyber smoke signal, if you will – a spark of inspiration quickly ignites a flame of interest. We want to keep this flame burning bright. So for the next few weeks, you’ll see #blogladesh attached to many of my tweets, please retweet and help us. I am heading to Bangladesh with Mummytips and Porridgebrain for an awareness raising trip with Save the Children.

There’s more information below which will explain why we are going and what we hope to achieve.

At the beginning of September three of the UK’s best known mummy bloggers are heading to Bangladesh to see the work we do with children and mums first hand.

Credit: GMB Akash/Panos

Every year almost 9 million children under the age of five die, most of them from preventable things like diarrhoea. We can change that. Passionate about our work and ready to flex their multimedia skills to campaign for change, our bloggers are going to be tweeting, creating video and photo galleries and writing about their experiences live and direct from Bangladesh.

At the end of September Nick Clegg will be at the UN Summit in New York. Ten years ago world leaders set targets, called Millennium Development Goals , to reduce poverty, hunger and disease.

At the moment these child health targets are way off track. Nick Clegg has a crucial opportunity to ensure world leaders commit to reaching these goals – we need to make sure he understands how much we care and that it’s vital he holds world leaders to account.

How can you help?

We need your voice to make as much noise about this as possible. Follow our bloggers on their journey, read their reports, watch their videos and help us to re-tweet their story. And sign our petition. We’re aiming to collect 100,000 signatures. Ambitious? Yes – but with your help we know we can do it.

We want future generations to be stunned to learn that children would die from diarrhoea, malaria or pneumonia. We want to be able to tell that that together, we stopped it.

Mummy bloggers

Josie George

Blogging for just over a year, Josie’s blog is currently ranked No.1 in the Tots 100 Index of UK Parent Blogs.

Josie, 28, began blogging when her son Kai, now 2, was approaching his first birthday after a difficult first year . “My blog started as a creative outlet, a place where I could express myself,” explains Josie. Her blog now chronicles her many ups and downs as she tries to juggle life as a mother, creative writer and artist, using words and pictures to share her story.

Josie also runs a popular weekly writing workshop for other bloggers and is the founder of ‘Judith’s Room’, a supportive online community for women writers, providing space and encouragement for women to develop as writers and that has seen over 600 new members in its first six months of life.

“The chance to visit Save the Children’s inspirational projects in Bangladesh, and come back laden with images and words that we can then use to move and inform people and affect positive change is an incredibly exciting opportunity and one I am honoured to be a part of. As key members of the thriving UK Parent Blogging community, we have the potential to reach a huge number of people and make a real difference on behalf of mothers and their children across the globe. I can’t wait to see get started and to use our blogs as a platform for such a worthwhile cause”.



Sian To

Sian, 38, is mum to four children, Ethan, 19, Sonny, 9, Biba, 8, and Betty 6 and has been writing her blog for 18 months.

For the last ten years Sian has been running a specialist parenting PR company and in July this year organised, with two colleagues, the hugely successful CyberMummy conference, the first event of its kind for bloggers in the UK.

Sian belongs to handpickedmedia, the boutique blogging community, and is an active member of British Mummy Bloggers.

‘Seeing the amazing work that Save the Children does first hand is something that I never imagined I would experience. I think that I can speak for the three of us when I say we are going to work tirelessly to spread the message of this campaign right through our community.’




Eva Keogan

Two years ago Eva started her blog when she found herself ‘credit crunched’. She is now a social media consultant and a high-profile lifestyle blogger writing about parenting, London, travel and more, mainly focusing on her life and adventures as a ‘happy go lucky blogger’ and single mum to Miniminx, 10, in London.

Eva is a prolific writer and public speaker and belongs to handpickedmedia, the boutique blogging community, and is an active member of British Mummy Bloggers, the pioneering group for blogging parents in the UK. She also writes for mumsrock and powderroomgrafitti among others.

‘This is a really unique way for Save the Children to engage in social media and I think it will deliver powerful results.. I want to make sure that we highlight the great work being done, as well as the issues faced by children and Mums in Bangladesh. “



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11 Comments to “Mummy bloggers head to Bangladesh #blogladesh”

  1. I’ve added a badge to the blog, and I’ll be sharing your message with anyone who’ll listen. This is an amazing opportunity for blogging and social networking to make a difference. I’ll be cheering you on and spreading the word!

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  3. I am so excited to hear about this! My husband works on a drinking water project in Dhaka and I visted there, with my children, in February, so Bangladesh is a big part of our lives. I went with an NGO to meet women in a Dhaka slum and have been very affected by what I saw. It’s great to hear about others working to raise awareness – these families really do live in terrible conditions. I look forward to following your trip and watching to see what happens.

    • admin says:

      thanks for your comment and enthusiasm – it’s easy to put this country on the backburner due to other high profile events but this is an ongoing struggle. I’ve been scouring the internet for stories and it means a lot to me to know that other people have been and continue to tell the story, we’ll keep it going with our trip – I am hoping we can raise awareness and help at the very least

  4. There is a piece on my blog about my visit to a slum in Dhaka if you are interested. (Called “Bangladesh – Jheelpur Slum”).

    There is lots written about Bangladesh, more than I at first realised – now I’m aware of the country I see things all the time. I’ve just read an article about environmental refugees; people moving to Dhaka because their villages flood or are erroded. The population of Dhaka is one of the fasted growing in the world and yet the country is in effect shrinking. The population density statistics are mind boggling.

  5. Haute Blog says:

    Hi Eva,
    Just wanted to wish you all the best for the trip and let you know that we’ve given it a plug over at Haute Blog (

  6. Haute Blog says:

    Hi Eva,
    Just wanted to wish you all the best with the trip and let you know that we’ve given it a plug on Haute Blog

  7. [...] the Children UK are sending Eva Keogan (of Nixdminx fame), Sian To (of the Mummy Tips blog and organiser of CyberMummy conference) and Josie George [...]

  8. [...] the Children UK are sending Eva Keogan (of Nixdminx fame), Sian To (of the Mummy Tips blog and organiser of CyberMummy conference) and Josie George [...]

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