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spitalfields market: thrifting inspiration
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I’m one of those people that has an idea and then seeks out the thing, or things, that I need to make it happen.

This ‘idea’ I have had, for some time actually, is to buy an old printers tray and repurpose it. Having searched on eBay and online, I knew the only way I’d find one was to head East – to the land of all things forgotten and retro – Spitalfields Market.

I have a particular love of Spitalfields and as much as it has changed over the last few years, the old spirit is still there. It’s great for thrifting as well. There are oodles of vintage clothes shops on Brick Lane but if you want homewares, this is the place.

I love the untold stories of the bric-a-bric which is there on Thursday and Sunday. Why does that man have his head in a glass?

And the visual jokes are pretty good too, so it’s hard not to walk around drinking in the colourful scenery with a big smile on your face. I always love talking to the people who own the stalls as well and I love their individual style. I have loads of old books I’ve bought there and some of the furniture is amazing – the prices are not too bad either.

On my journey round, I knew I’d find a printers’ tray. And I did. Check out this lovely. I got it for £15 – much cheaper than I had imagined.

And how am I going to change it? I’m going to paint it white and use it as a shelf. It’s no easy task as I’ve got to clean it up first. I’m painting it with stain blocker and then using two special brushes to get into all the nooks and crannies will paint it white. It would probably be lovely as it is in a kitchen for a spice tray but this is actually a very practical solution for all the nick nacks my daughter has scattered in her room and they’ll look fab in their own little shelflets. Two brushes and two paint pots have cost just under £20 so a bargain to boot.

I’ll post the results when I’m done.

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2 Comments to “spitalfields market: thrifting inspiration”

  1. Tasha says:

    Brilliant idea and I bet it looks stunning when you’re done. And I shall have to come and check out Spitalfields Market one day.

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