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Bangladesh – conversations with my daughter
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Is it a curious novelty to send three Mums to Bangladesh to blog about their odyssey or a stroke of genius? Only time will tell about but already the signs are looking hopeful that change is afoot.

Will we help hit the magic 100,000 names on the Save the Children petition? Can we help influence Nick Clegg who is attending the MDG 2010 meeting on September 22 and make an impact? More importantly, will we articulate our stories in a way that people can relate to, share, understand and act on?

Since the #blogladesh trip has been announced, the reaction has been extraordinary, especially on twitter.- Stephen Fry and Richard Bacon have both tweeted the hashtag #blogladesh. This has been augmented with a mass activation by the UK and international blogging scene, led mainly by the Mummy bloggers and materialising through blog badge uploads, twibbons, blog posts – online news coverage, radio and even good old print news too.

Closer to home, there’s been much the same reaction. Helping an organisation like Save the Children makes sense because it’s something we can, universally, identify with.

My daughter’s first reaction was that she had a party to go to while I was away and she absolutely has to go to it.

‘And who’s going to take me to school?’

Well fortunately the trip is over before the new term starts, and I’m sure we’ll sort the party out somehow!

Then she was a bit puzzled by the whole thing but since I’ve told her we could take a few things out there to give as presents, she’s very excited. So tomorrow we are going shopping for bubbles and colour pens – that’s something that the children love over there apparently. I bet stickers will go down well too – frivolous as it seems, I’ve been told these gifts are appropriate. I think my daughter wants to be involved somehow so that’s just the perfect thing for her to do, in fact I know that she’ll be thinking about me handing them over to the children while I’m away and that will be her connection to these children.

While I feel the need to tell her loads of things that I’ll be doing and also the facts and figures of the country and the people, she’s only 10, so lots of it won’t register. I’ve told her a lot about the poverty. She was shocked when I explained that there was not really any proper school or medicine for everyone and that if she had been born there, she might actually at her age be working for a living. My favourite recent new story I’ve been reading recently is about the frog weddings which are rather like a rain dance to bring on rain – but she wasn’t really interested in that either.

So while I really do want her to ask me about the trip and be interested, it’s something that I’ll let happen naturally.

‘Mum. Why did you say you would go to Bangladesh?’

‘I didn’t even need to think about it darling.’ I answered. Ironically, I’ve thought about the trip endlessly ever since.

‘Mum – is it going to be fun in Bangladesh?’

‘Ummm – I hope so, but I’m not going there for fun – I know that we have to visit lots of places like hospitals and see things. You do know why I’m going don’t you darling?’

‘Because you’re helping Save the Children?’

‘Yes. And what else?’


‘Do you want me to go?’

‘Yes and I’m going to miss you so much.’

‘Do you want to go and see a show as a treat before I go?’

‘Umm Mum, no – we do far too much, we do everything, loads of things, maybe you should just relax.’

Point taken.
It looks like something has gone in then.

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14 Comments to “Bangladesh – conversations with my daughter”

  1. Josie says:

    Aww bless her. It’s going to be amazing sharing it all with her when you get back x

  2. Emmylou says:

    That’s a lovely post…..when you come home, and talk about the things that you have seen, I’m sure she’ll understand more, and also be extremely proud of her mum, as we all are. Good luck, am rooting all the way for you xxx

  3. My girls have been great too. I have a pile of drawings to take!

  4. Potty Mummy says:

    Are you sleeping at night? I would be too nervous / excited / full of questions… (which is one way of saying god I wish was going – but that it would scare the pants off me if I were!)

    • admin says:

      And that said from our expat in Russia – you are hardly the shrinking violet PM! I’ve been far too busy and tired to have any sleepless nights yet but now that I’ve got my diary clear this week I can really start to focus on this. Not insomnia though – I mean being really excited! xx

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  6. nicole says:

    I am so inspired by the three of you! Amazing what mamas can do:)
    good Luck

  7. So impressed by your story. Wishing you a safe journey! Can’t wait to read about it.

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