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Review: Sodastream drinks maker
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We’ve been given a new kitchen gadget to try out and it’s been quite a lot of fun and no mess – which is quite something in our house.

The product we’ve just been testing out is the new Sodastream home drinks maker and I’ve put it to the test with my trusty 10 year old reviewer, Miniminx – but can it pass muster?

Well, I have to say I’m quite pleased with the product, enough in fact to say, I am no longer suffering from kitchen gadget fatigue – this is a great gizmo to have around because you don’t have to plug it in and it’s incredibly easy to operate. You have to push the lever down three times to make the water bubbly – and you’ll hear a funny noise in the video (punctuated by me squawking) which indicates you’re making bubbles! You need to hear that buzz three times before it’s ready and that’s about as complex as it gets.

The product is easy to unpack which is a great bonus and it looks really cool, it’s made from black plastic and brushed aluminium which lends a very contemporary look so it doesn’t have to be tucked away in a cupboard. It’s really easy to use so my daughter had great fun making the drinks and it comes with two bottles which you fill with tap water and chill before adding in the bubbles.

For something that is remarkably low tech, it looks pretty stylish and I think it will get more than a few outings. The great plus is there are no batteries and no plugs so it’s great for kids too.

Once you’ve made your carbonated water, you simply add one of the range of 12 flavours and the drinks are ready to go. Our favourite was the Lemon Lime which we gave 5/5 in our taste test, followed closely by the Cranberry Raspberry flavour at a close 4/5. Each bottle makes 48 servings which amounts to 12 litres.

I’d love to see a ginger beer added to the range and a cherryade too. I’m tempted to go a little off piste and add fruit juices to the mix as well, but that’s going to be an advanced course is Sodastream fizziology for us newbies.

So what about the product credentials? We don’t buy a lot of coke or lemonade so this is a nice fun treat to have. We’re happy to get fizzy with Sodastream because it is fun to use and the manufacturers claim it is earth friendly; you don’t need to buy cans or bottles of soda – so there’s no recycling. More importantly, the bottles you make the drinks in are BPA free – which means I am happy for my daughter to drink from them. The syrups you add to the fizzy water are pretty much the same as squash. So this product maybe not what you want to create an every day drink that’s going to give you your one of your five a day, but nevertheless great for parties and get togethers, and quite the party piece in itself. Although saying that, I’ll definitely use it a lot to make fizzy water – especially since I can make it straight from the tap.

Sodastream is easy to buy online from amazon and accessories are available from John Lewis.

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