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Frozen Eyeball Juice (Elderflower sorbet)

What do you do for Hallowe’en? Are you a dress up and go crazy household or do you ignore the whole thing? We love Hallowe’en and while cynics say it’s a vastly commercial enterprise, I don’t think forking out £3 for a pumpkin and £5 for sweets to give to kids at your front door […]

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I never imagined that my blog would be ‘throttled’. In fact, the term itself seems an incredibly unlikely thing doesn’t it? But it happens, and it happened to me. I checked my blog a few weeks ago because my traffic showed zero and I when I went to the home page I found it was […]

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wonder woman by phil hester

Did you know the creator of Wonder Woman also invented the lie detector? Neither did I until comic curator and screen writer Ian Rakoff explained this to me today. The creator of Wonder Woman was Harvard alumnus, William Moulton Marston. His lifetime achievements spanned a career as a psychologist, feminist theorist, inventor, and comic-strip writer. […]

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Like most women, I use moisturisers and spend quite a bit on them but I’ve never tried botox because I’m worried it would freak me out and I would have to wait six months to be rid of it. Plus, I also like to have facial expressions. That said, I have an inquisitive nature and […]

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Jimmy Choo glossy metallic-blue leather multi-strap sandals

I’m one of ‘those women’ – the one who walks into a room, smiles and then who falls over in six inch heels and I can sit at my desk for an afternoon with eyeliner transferred in a straight line from my eyelid to my cheek – how I achieved that look is beyond me […]

molly moon

Bedtime story books are great and over the years we have trawled through at least a few hundred. And some of them, like The Hungry Caterpillar and Guess How Much I Love You, a few hundred times each. As school gets more complex and homework begins to take over the evenings, it’s hard to keep […]

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When you swap urban life for the burbs, there’s no graffiti, there are no cool art galleries in warehouses or pop up clubs. It’s privet hedges, net curtains, recycling bins and chelsea tractors. It’s a soft focus landing and sometimes feels like the Truman Show but it’s neither sinister nor eerie, it’s great if you’ve […]

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I travel a lot because I like to, and more often than not, it’s with my daughter. We’ve had both good and bad journeys but I always try and engender a sense of awareness in her so that she behaves herself, we all do don’t we? As women, we are told we play many roles […]

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Now that Summer is over, there’s nothing better than a slow cooked Sunday roast to make the weekend a special one. If you want a helping hand with your Sunday roast, Aunt Bessie’s has loads of online help and ideas. Plus you can win your own new IKEA kitchen worth £8000. Well don’t hold back, […]

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I had an interesting chat on twitter last Friday with @liaonet which has led to me posting this video.   It’s very well put together because it tells a story, which is narrated by Stephen Fry, and it’s a short but comprehensive view of how reforestation is helping sustainability.  You can hashtag this on #weforest if […]

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