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I had an interesting chat on twitter last Friday with @liaonet which has led to me posting this video.   It’s very well put together because it tells a story, which is narrated by Stephen Fry, and it’s a short but comprehensive view of how reforestation is helping sustainability.  You can hashtag this on #weforest if you want to retweet it.  There’s also a place to donate if you wish on the site.

I’d like to see more about the good stuff and how people and animals are actually living in this new permaculture as well. We all need to be inspired about these innovations rather than terrified out of our wits about global warming and the environment.

There’s more detail on the background to it here in these references:

The first Reference that kicked off by Walter Jehne – The Biology of Global Warming and its Profitable Mitigation (highly technical for a more general insight read the Walter Jehne Global Warming Summary in the white papers section below)

Permaculture food forest information Australia The Permaculture Research Institute (Permaculture is an ” Ethical Design Science ” that creates positive design solutions to climate change for the required supply lines of global humanity.)

Orangutan preservation Masrarang

Mongbay for information on the worlds rainforests and interestingly how China is reforesting

Green Imperialism by Richard H Groves published in 1995 by Cambridge University Press in pp 264-308. provides detailed historical substantiation of the deforestation climate consequences in the colonial exploitation of islands such as St Helena, Mauritius India etc.

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