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Best ever kids books: Molly Moon Series
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Bedtime story books are great and over the years we have trawled through at least a few hundred. And some of them, like The Hungry Caterpillar and Guess How Much I Love You, a few hundred times each.

As school gets more complex and homework begins to take over the evenings, it’s hard to keep things on a light and imaginative keel, so it’s great to find a series of books that do just that.

Mayhem, mystery, suspense and giggles are the perfect recipe for children’s stories but they’re really few and far between and there haven’t been any that I’ve actually wanted to keep reading myself, until we discovered Molly Moon. There are four books in the series and we’re looking forward to reading all of them.

I’ve been dragging out the last few pages of the second book in the series, Molly Moon Stops the World, because I can’t bear it to end. This book has had both me and my daughter in fits of laughter. It’s been a great surprise and like reading a comedy out loud, and it just gets funnier. The final chapters have included the unmasking of a transvestite imposter identical twin (who has been hypnotised to believe he is a lamb), several de-hypnotisms and shocking parental revelations. And we’re not quite finished yet.

What I love about these books is that they’re a raucous and imaginative adventure written by a contemporary writer and it’s a rare and very enjoyable read that’s made for sharing. The premise is a simple one and very much in the ilk of Jacqueline Wilson, a young child lives in an orphanage and has a series of great adventures. But this particular child, Molly, has discovered a special power, hypnotism, and she also has a stone-sucking dog, Petula, who is quite a character in herself. Together, with their friends, they have great adventures all over the world and take on all sorts of challenges.

There’s a brilliant and colourful narrative that flavours the books and it’s certainly got a lot in it for adults; if you put Blake Edwards, Roald Dahl, Tommy Cooper, Peter Sellers, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore and maybe Truman Capote, Hannah Barbera (the animation duo) and a very young Ethel and her dog Willy (EastEnders if you hadn’t guessed) in a specially created kids-book-blender, well, you might just get the right mix to create this series.

Georgia Byng – we’re big fans ;-)

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