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blog throttling – the inconvenient truth
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I never imagined that my blog would be ‘throttled’. In fact, the term itself seems an incredibly unlikely thing doesn’t it? But it happens, and it happened to me.

I checked my blog a few weeks ago because my traffic showed zero and I when I went to the home page I found it was showing ‘fatal errors’ and nothing else. The blog didn’t load when I checked it. It wasn’t my best day. It seemed that even though I travel far and wide and blog from all over the world, my London postings had floored the whole thing.

First I wondered if I’d caused some kind of self implosion by one of my posts, but it proved to be a little more sinister. It was, in geek speak, CPU throttling that had caused the black out. Somehow I was getting so many visits that my host had shut me down. As much as I tried to sort things out with them on the click to chat functionality that spanned the UK-US time zone, nothing worked. I went to the forums they directed me to, but nothing I looked in to was conclusive. So I shut down my advertising and trashed a few posts – I was told they might be the culprits, but my host did not explicitly point to them, it was me following their advice about what ‘might’ be the cause. Then I switched off my affiliate links. I waited, and I was still offline. I was flabbergasted and felt really stressed by the whole experience because, like many bloggers, I want to be online. I know I’ve got a bit of technical knowldge and learn as I go along but I felt out of my depth and comfort zone. I couldn’t fix it. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get my blog back online.

On further investigation, it seems I’ve been attacked by spam visits and lots of them, so much so that my blog was throttled.

Eek. It sounds nasty doesn’t it? A little unfair and very inconvenient to say the least.

With such lack of response from my host, I felt I had no other choice but to redeploy my blog elsewhere. It’s a painful experience and not one I wish to repeat. I had to extract all my content and then move it. And then get it reloaded elsewhere. My blog was unavailable for several days, I think 10 in all, and I got to the point where I felt I had lost all my posts. It was frightening and a little bit sickening. I’ve invested time, energy, experience and a lot of my life into this blog. My work and my channel into my community was not only blocked but shut out, possibly forever. It was horrible, I was not only throttled in the cyber world but I felt I’d lost my outlet, my voice, my blog self. It’s taken a while to put it all to rights.

Thankfully it’s all back online, but I’ve lost my blogroll – I have to rebuild my list from scratch which is no mean feat, so I will take some time to do this. I’ve also lost my incoming links which is possibly a big blow to my authority. My thumbnails don’t show in my posts either until you click through to the content – please bear with me while I sort this out.

The biggest worry was that I had lost the content. ‘The content’ is my work, my own personal work – that I own. Can you imagine someone walking into your house and leaving with your photo albums and journals? Well, it’s unthinkable but this is life online. This is the challenge of the virtual world we buy into when we embark on blogging and social media endeavours – how safe are we?

Well thankfully I feel safe with my new host and I’ll be able to look into any issues more easily because I know the new company which is hosting my site is able to handle CPU throttling threats.

I’ve started looking into the deeper side of blogging and coding as a result and I’m hoping to create my own designs and widgets but that’s quite time consuming for a non-geek like me.

Please drop me a line if you want me to add you to my blogroll.

If you want any advice on throttling, ask me too – I may not have all the answers but I can point you in the right direction…

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9 Comments to “blog throttling – the inconvenient truth”

  1. God, that sounds terrifying!!! You’ve reminded me to officially back up my blog, pronto. Good to see you back on-line, hope you iron out all the kinks asap xx

  2. PippaD says:

    What a horrid thing to have happened! Having worked for an ISP I know some people that we had to do this to, but to be unavailable to you for so long!

    Good luck with sorting it all out.
    PippaD recently posted..Meccano Construction – For Girls!

    • admin says:

      It’s a jungle out there! My spam filter is letting through 300 or so spam comments a day now, I can only think that these companies pushing out links are getting more aggressive, it’s a pain to say the least x

  3. That sounds awful!! It’s great to be popular and all that but to be penalised for it is flipping annoying – even more so when it appears to be spam bots. You’d have thought your ISP would have measures in place to differentiate between true traffic and spam?!

    Glad to see you’re back up and running. You’ve also introduced me to something I’d never heard of.

  4. Beckicklesie says:

    That’s awful! Poor thing. I bet you were tearing your hair out.

    Good luck with it all honey. I’d love advice re. blog throttling but I just don’t know if I’d understand it.

    Becca x

  5. Potty Mummy says:

    I thought you were quiet – so glad it’s all sorted out, and thanks for introducing the subject – it’s not something I had ever heard of before.

    Potty Mummy recently posted..Its Groundhog Daaaaaaaay

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