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Hallowe’en Horribleness
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What do you do for Hallowe’en? Are you a dress up and go crazy household or do you ignore the whole thing?

We love Hallowe’en and while cynics say it’s a vastly commercial enterprise, I don’t think forking out £3 for a pumpkin and £5 for sweets to give to kids at your front door is really much to carp about. It’s a really big thing for young kids and probably the only night of the year they can go out in the evening and knock on stranger’s doors. It’s also a big laugh and let’s face it, we all need a few of those.

It’s great when Hallowe’en falls on a Sunday because it makes the whole thing last the weekend. My daughter decided she was going as a zombie type thing to a party yesterday. I was happy to tell her she


look a complete fright. We used Snazaroo face paints for kids – we’ve had them in a cupboard for ages but they’ve finally seen the fright light of day. They’re great because they have sponges, brushes and glitter and a look book with lots of advice.

She’s going trick or treating tonight in her Pirate Witch outfit which she got at the Tesco Clothing Hallowe’en bash a few weeks ago – it comes with this jaunty witch’s hat headband.

If you are short of ideas for scary drinks, how about trying this revolting little cocktail?

Bottlegreen, who do those lovely healthy squashes, have sent me a spooky recipe for Frozen Eye Juice.


10 scoops bottlegreen Elderflower Sorbet

300ml (1/2 pint) sparkling water

6 canned lychees, drained

6 green grapes

Thin slices from 3 glace cherries

Cocktail sticks

Scoop the bottlegreen Elderflower Sorbet into a large jug and add the sparkling water. Use a whisk to mix them together to give a slushy consistency. Share between 6 small glasses.

For the “eyeballs”, stuff each lychee with a grape and stick a small slice of glace cherry in each one. Spear onto cocktail sticks and arrange on the glasses.

Serve at once, before they melt.

Cook’s Note: You could use raisins or sultanas instead of the glace cherries – just make a small hole in the grapes with a knife or skewer and then poke them in

I shall be sticking to my favourite Hallowe’en drink…a really Bloody Mary….

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  1. ‘Frozen eye juice’? I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now because it reminds me far too much of my least favourite phrase – ‘keep your eyes peeled’. Impressive costumes, btw.
    angelsandurchinsblog recently posted..Football’s coming home

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