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The Wanted – Disneyland Dinner

It’s not often you end up having dinner with the hottest Brit boy band around, and it’s true, we have photographic evidence from this weekend’s Disneyland Paris adventure. Yes, this grainy photo is The Wanted. They were guests of honour at the Christmas Disney trip last weekend.

To say that Miniminx was star struck was an understatement and she’s been talking about it ever since. She’s on first name terms with them all and has bagged their autographs too.

Big thanks to the Disney team for a massively memorable and fun weekend and more to follow on what to do and where to go while you’re there.

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1 Comment to “The Wanted – Disneyland Dinner”

  1. writeonmum says:

    Oh wow! How cool! I can see the excited glow emanating from Miniminx – what a lucky girl! x

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