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melvin burgess and the congo

Having spent an hour in a workshop with celebrated and award winning author, Melvin Burgess, I’m more than intrigued to hear about his trip to Save the Children to The Congo and his discovery there of child witches. He writes for children, specifically teenagers and his work has sometimes courted controversy. But he’s adamant that […]

blogging activism audience

I’m live blogging from the Save the Children conference today which is all about getting people activated in social media to do good and become campaigners. I’m glad to see that #blogladesh is still moving people into action and there is a movement towards doing more across more people. Most of the people here are […]

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Heather Armstrong Dooce

It seems the media is fascinated by the US Mommy blogger – a fascination which I doubt will go away – but why does it have to involve such a whole load of snark? There are two blogs in the US which are constantly on the radar and usually for the wrong reasons too. A-lister […]

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In search of inner peace and tranquility I’ve started to eke out some time in my hectic schedule to do some life affirming exercise. ‘How difficult can it be to get to the gym at 11am?’ I mused as I lay in bed until 10am. By 10.30am, it was time scramble out the door, pushing […]

If you didn’t already know, it’s Social Media Week all over the world and especially in London. Check the #smwldn hashtag for aggregated news and get yourself down to the hundred or so events which are happening. I won’t be back until next week….


My one wish for 2011 is that I can spare some time to experience the rich and wonderful tapestry of London’s cultural life (and fit everything else in too!). It’s not so difficult to fit in a visit to an art gallery or museum, that’s why we live in London right? In this world of […]

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