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Pre Christmas Treat: The Good Hour at Lush Spa

Lush is instantly recognisable by the aroma that wafts around all of its stores not just around the UK, but the rest of the world.  It’s a great brand, full of wit and wisdom which it dispenses freely on its packaging and in abundance in store.


But did you know Lush has a small collection of Spas around the UK?   They seem to be quite a well kept secret but they’re well worth discovering as they are a completely different experience, offering a range of treatments which are both visionary and architected to create an escape from the stresses and strains of every day to leave you invigorated and refreshed.




The Spa is a world away from many other places I’ve been to and is more of the kind offered by boutique hotels than high street beauty bars.  Great care and attention is paid to the decor and antique furniture and the walls are adorned with retro framed prints of birds.  Everywhere you look there are life affirming Lush products including oils, massage bars and even different types of tea.






I tried The Good Hour massage which is designed to iron out muscular tension using a massage bar of your choice – I chose the Hottie bar with ginger and black pepper (and you get to take it home too which is an added treat).  They all have a base of Shea butter which is great for creating a lasting moisturisation for the skin; perfect for keeping Winter skin supple and protected as well.

The massage has it’s own sea-themed soundtrack which mixes voices and ambient sounds which makes a refreshing change from the usual panpipe muzak which usually gets put on at other spas.   My masseur, Anna, sat and talked me through the treatment for about 10 minutes which meant I could ask her to target my knotty shoulders and stiff lower calf muscles.  She talked about the vision for the spa and how the treatments were all aimed at the body and mind and then started the great unknotting process.  A day later, I can still feel the benefit of the treatment and would definitely go back again.


To begin with, the room is darkened and candles flicker around the room to create an atmosphere of relaxation, this is accented with a bowl of aromatic sea scents and a gentle light that gradually changes colour.  The masseur uses the a jelly disc which is chilled to help circulation and also complement the massage bar.  You can expect some intense pressure to release tension and also a great sense of wellbeing at the end of the hour.





And to finish off, tea with a drop of Rum and biscuits, well what’s not to like?


The Good Hour


The Lush Spa can be found at;

T:020 7349 9648





There’s lots more information about the Spa locations and ranges of treatments and vouchers at this link here.







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  1. Mickie says:

    I love spa and it always serves as relaxing and bonding moment too…
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  2. Jacky says:

    Looks like a amazing idea here then…Thanks a lot!!
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  3. Megan says:

    Every week I keep my self went in a spa. These is my gift to my self in a stressful job I had. By these all my stress are gone.
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  4. Alyssa says:

    Going to a spa is relaxing and we can include it in our weekend relaxation…
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  5. Khriscia says:

    I agree with most of them…Spa is relaxing and you should take a break if you are overwork…
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