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Social Media Week London 2012 #SMWLDN
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Monday marks the start of this Social Media Week in London and across the globe and there are more events than last year. Rather than hosting events, this year I will be heading down to quite a few and also taking part in a panel discussion about the Future of Comms.

The world has experienced dramatic change since January 2011 and there’s no doubting that social media is an agent and catalyst for many of these things. This year’s theme is Empowering Change through Collaboration reflecting on the global impact its role has had in driving cultural, political, economic, social evolution and revolution.




Check out the link here for full list of events, many are sold out already, but extra tickets are usually released before the event so it’s worthwhile checking back nearer the time.

This year, I’m glad to say, the event has stepped away from measurement and it’s more about experiences and trends so sub-themes include; marketing, food, skills, psychology, government and health, and of course, lots of networking.


I’m glad to see some fun stuff happening too with the ‘Can Man Live on Social Media Alone’ London-Singapore initiative; two people are swapping cities for the duration of the week and will be tweeting for food and shelter.  While this presents a great opportunity for engagement, it’s also a great way to bring the world of social media to life so it gets my vote.  I’m also intrigued by this community screening event which is being put on by  Twittermentary .  It looks really interesting as it’s about real lives and twitter rather than big brand case studies; the documentary will be shown next Friday in London, New York, Singapore and Miami.

I will be tweeting and blogging from the events I go to, so if you can’t attend you can follow me and if you have a burning desire to ask a question, I can try and get the answer for you.

Check out the Social Media Week London schedule and the official SMWLDN Hub.

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  1. Eva says:

    I’ve changed my email on my profile. I’m sorry – I had no idea it was set as that email! If there is many mail for me, if you could forward them to my email that’d be great but don’t worry if that’s a problem. Sorry again! X

    • admin says:

      That’s really sweet of you thanks, it’s all turned out to be quite a bizarre thing; I got an email from someone saying well done for being on the short list for the awards, the email address was mine but the email was addressed to Polkadotsandpinafores. Funnily enough, I tweeted about it, and then someone has turned it into a piece of art… – as I say, you couldn’t make it up!

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