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Objects of Desire: Designs on gadgets
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This is the first year I’ve actually seen fashion houses take on the new plethora of gadgetry and create some great looks for working women. Here’s a great selection by Marc Jacobs, DVF and Vivienne Westwood (who has even created a business card holder – whatever happened to punk eh?). Still, I’d rather be carrying these than the overstuffed heavy electronica packaging of old. It’s a really refreshing move forward. Gadgets can be so clunky and heavy and now they can be imbued with a touch of style and the light touch of fashion like never before.

Much as this is all inspired by the iPad and the new range of tablets which are launching by the day, I still have a soft spot for the Marc Jacobs laptop bag, so here it is, a little larger…


And I’m still waiting to see who’s going to take on the prickly design topic of DSLRs so we don’t all have to look like tourists…


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