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Veep – HBO borrows Armando Iannucci for new political satire
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I am an out and out fan of political comedy and drama, especially when it’s written by Armando Iannucci.  I’ve been hoping that we would soon see an series, or even a special, of The Thick of It but I think it’s a long way away and now I know the reason why.

I wept with laughter watching the brilliantly cast In The Loop – James Gandolfini and Peter Capaldi are two brilliant actors and to put them on screen together is pure genius – and expect to see more unpolitically correct drama  as HBO is about to screen its latest offering with Iannucci, Veep.

Here are some clips – it looks pretty funny, and a tad glossier than The Thick of It.  Here’s hoping Sky Atlantic snaps this up and stops showing dodgy reruns…

And let’s not forget how good In the Loop was…

And of course, the blasphemous-potty mouthed Malcolm and co in The Thick of It

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  1. Charlenevans09 says:

    In the loop is a hilarious movie! Everyone should watch it! Thanks for having these video clips here.
    Charlenevans09 recently posted..hand

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