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Mummy bloggers gather round the new Collection - the latest laptops running windows

I’m probably the last to post about the great lunch meet up at Kettners recently, hosted by Microsoft and Mumsnet, but I still wanted to write up about the experience. Considering it was the week following Cybher, I was delighted to see some very familiar faces in Christine Mosler and Coding Mamma to name but […]

In my hunt around the wonderful worldwide web, I’m always on the look out for stuff, relevant stuff, that makes me think the world is going to be a much better and more creative place thanks to technology and not just a dumping ground full of factory made gadgets, with built-in obsolescence, which get thrown […]


It’s finally Cybher2012 and it’s a great buzzy atmosphere here at 8 Northumberland Avenue. I had the pleasure of chairing the opening panel with a really switched on bunch of bloggers, they were Super Kat Girl of Destiny Natalie Lue of Baggage Reclaim Jess Markwood of Agua Media Poppy from What I Wore Today Cat […]


There’s nothing like unpackaging a new gadget and getting it all set up and then trying out the new features is there? Well, maybe not always. I’m not one to spend time swearing at my phone for giggles but it turns out that it’s all my new iPhone 4S understands.  I kid you not. If […]

There have been some great events this year and so far I’ve been to more than a fair few but I’m getting really excited about Cybher 2012.  It promises to be a really eventful and interesting day with loads of great bloggers to catch up with and some new people I’ve yet to meet. Here’s […]

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