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Why Siri is worse than drunk texting…
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There’s nothing like unpackaging a new gadget and getting it all set up and then trying out the new features is there?

Well, maybe not always.

I’m not one to spend time swearing at my phone for giggles but it turns out that it’s all my new iPhone 4S understands.  I kid you not.

If you have been watching the Apple ads which show people having the most amazing lives using iPhones and iPad 3s, like me you may have found these gadgets are not living up to their promise.  Here’s what using the virtual assistant Siri is meant to be like:

I’ve been giving the phone a test run to find out if Siri is any good. It isn’t. In fact it’s left me positively red faced and cringing with embarrassment and here’s how.

All set for an amazing and new experience, I asked it to call my daughter. I got an answer, but not the one I wanted.

‘Blah is not here’

Blah? Well that certainly isn’t her name. I enunciated the second phrase more animatedly and I asked Siri to email me and this was the response:

‘I do not know you, you do not exist’

At this point, unperturbed, I went through quite a few questions – none of which was answered with anything other than gobblydegook, and worse still , the little rogue of a phone kept ringing people up randomly. First it rang a former client, and then an old friend I’d not spoken to in years and it didn’t stop there, two former colleagues were dragged into the dial-a-thon. I spent the best part of an hour wrestling with the phone until I finally lost my rag and I swore. It answered. It said:

‘No need for profanity’

I swore again, it said:

‘Now, now’

It looks like the developers have had a lot of fun teaching Siri how to swear and little else.

It’s a bit of a shame because I had a proper reason for trying it out – not just to test out the brand promise of the advertising but also because I want to know whether I can get one for my brother one who would really benefit from being able to have a virtual assistant like Siri to help him communicate. 

He’s blind and can’t type so on paper, the iPhone 4S looks good.   He feels really left behind with technology and while he enjoys an iPod and uses electronic drum kit, he wants to be able to email people and use the internet.  He hears so much advertising on the TV that he feels he should be doing these things and eveyrone is talking about it the whole time.  I get that.  I don’t want him to feel like he’s excluded from a world where everyone appears to be living now – even though we aren’t really living virtually, he should at least be able to participate in that somehow.

The lovely people in the Apple store in Westfield have even offered a free training session for him so he could get some top advice on how to get the phone working…but I’m not sure this technology is ready.

So my next question to Siri is…

‘Give me a call when you can actually be bothered to work will ya?’

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2 Comments to “Why Siri is worse than drunk texting…”

  1. Expat Mum says:

    I must admit I haven’t been remotely tempted by Siri, but then living in the States with a British accent, it’s hard enough to get the phone voice-prompt stuff to understand me….

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