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Geek stuff for girls: the good and the bad, v Roominate
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In my hunt around the wonderful worldwide web, I’m always on the look out for stuff, relevant stuff, that makes me think the world is going to be a much better and more creative place thanks to technology and not just a dumping ground full of factory made gadgets, with built-in obsolescence, which get thrown away after six months.

And eureka! I’ve made two discoveries, on good and one which just doesn’t quite hack it.


So first up (drum roll) is – like nothing you’ve ever known before…


Just looking at these, I wish I was 10 again, these amazing dolls are just something else and they live up to every futurist dream I ever had, and even better, they’re British!


These amazing creatures are from and you can make your own for free and if you want to keep it, have it printed, yes, printed in 3-D


This isn’t just good tech it’s amazing, you will soon be able to programme your doll yourself.  See this blog post about the open source clever stuff, and check out that fab cyber brain below; I’m almost hoping it rains during half term just so we can build a few.

£99 is probably a bit too steep for a doll, but if you compare it to a pair of customised converse trainers, starting at £40 or so per pop, I think there’s a good bit of value to be had.


Here’s how they pitch themselves (I’m hooked)


Alpha means that this is very early and new and it may be a little wonky in places. Forgive us. But we want to get MAKIES out into the sunshine, and find bugs, get feedback, involve you in where we take things…

Ultimately we want MAKIES to be as creatively exciting, and as customisable, as possible. What you’re looking at now is just the start. Things on the to-do list include skin colours, build-your-own patterns and textures, make-up, wheels, wires… all sorts of good stuff that will take a bit of time and money to build. Happily now, we have some of both to be getting on with, and we’d really like to hear from you what you’d like to see next.




And so on to the Dolls House from Roominate – it’s got a starter price of $49 dollars for a room.  

This is how they pitch themselves:

We aim to bring more women into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Early opportunities to be inspired and encouraged will help girls welcome their potential as tomorrow’s technology innovators.
Math, Science + Engineering are a way of thinking that can become familiar to children through early exposure

Confidence and enthusiasm can be developed, starting with fun and engaging hands-on play in childhood

At first look, I thought this was great and was really keen to buy it, but it didn’t pass the acid test with Miniminx…and then I remembered those yawning playdates I used to have with boys and meccano.  It’s just the same thing but repackaged for girls; nothing new here. But while it’s not brilliant, I did ask ‘Couldn’t we just wire up your old dolls house, wouldn’t it be cool to have lights turn on it and a working tv?’ It just didn’t pass muster and I looked at my daughter rolling her eyes heavenward and realised, this is the past trying to make itself the future and failing dismally…sorry, but it really does have to capture hearts and minds to imprint itself on the next generation.



So 10/10, Roominate 4/10

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