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Lunch with Microsoft and Mumsnet…and of course a few bloggers
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I’m probably the last to post about the great lunch meet up at Kettners recently, hosted by Microsoft and Mumsnet, but I still wanted to write up about the experience.

Considering it was the week following Cybher, I was delighted to see some very familiar faces in Christine Mosler and Coding Mamma to name but a few. We were assembled to be shown around the latest collection of laptops running Windows7 and also some of the new internet TVs and we were all keen to chat about the ups and downs on family computing; or rather, fighting over our beloved gadgets and when to pull the plug when the kids find something scary.

So first for the hardware. I love laptops, they’re great for writing but my Vaio is bulky and my Asus is more David than Goliath, and I’m still grappling with my iPad for blogging – so is there anything that’s going to make blogging life really easy when it comes to hardware?

Here’s a small photo selection of what was on offer:

Mummy bloggers gather round the new Collection - the latest laptops running windows

The new Asus Zen comes really looks like it’s aimed at the fashion crowd with it’s faux bronzing, it wouldn’t be out of place in a Michael Kors shop. It’s wafer thin, powerful and has great battery life so I may consider upgrading some time soon.

What I was really quite wowed by was a couple of smart TVs, one of which was only around £600; we were all quite surprised that they were available now and also that they were quite reasonably priced.

Will I buy one? I had my fingers burned with OnDigital about 10 years ago and it was a clunky experience (while it lasted) so I’m not jumping back into the ‘keyboard/digital TV’ set up anytime soon – although we run so many different things now to stream entertainment from Sky+ to Xbox that it would be handy just to have it all in one place, so don’t hold me to it!

So here is the HPTouchSmart – it still looks like a computer which is a sign that the designers need to be brought in to make this a real object of desire, even if it is squarely aimed at the family market.


We all had lots of questions for Microsoft’s spokesperson Rob, and for a while we were all intent of finding out which item from The Collection would suit our blogging needs. It’s no secret that for bloggers with kids, waterproof keyboards, smashproof screens and child safety are paramount. We also talked about child safety online which is a big thing for me. I think there is a lot of scaremongering (I’m not denying that there are predators online who try and engage with children) but there is also a lot of fingerpointing towards parents who don’t care. I think it’s a much broader issue; road safety campaigns have been run by the government for 60 years and we should expect the same for the online experience and also be supported more visibly by schools. In these cash strapped times, this is being overlooked and I will revisit the issues I see in another post. However, the message was clear on the day that we should all keep a close eye on what our children are looking at while they are online.

Left to right: Natasha SAHM-BAHM, Kahanka and baby, Elinor from Mumsnet bloggers network

And to finish off on a bit of a high note, I just love the way Mum on the Brink has adapted her bump for use as a laptop holder…now that’s what I call Mummy chic!

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