The life and times of a happy go lucky blogger in London
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One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned working in the digital space is that ‘counter-intuitive’ works, and if you see a new idea and don’t quite get it, something that defies existing logic and extends boundaries, you’re on to a winner. In the early days, if you’d thought eBay, twitter, facebook or youtube you would […]


As part of my work with Save the Children I attended their campaign launch last night for #givegirlspower, another powerful force joining the global family planning campaign, which is spearheaded by Gates Foundation #nocontroversy campaign. There was an eclectic group of influential women; journalists, online journalists, writers, bloggers and vloggers at the event and as […]

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Chiswick school Go London painting kit

This is where I spent the best part of last Saturday and hopefully left it in a better state than I found it! It’s the sixth form common room at my daughter’s school and Go London came in to join the PTA stalwarts and splash some paint around. Faced with coffee stains, dried chewing gum, […]

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