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Woo hoo! WeShop is finally here at In the Powder Room
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One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned working in the digital space is that ‘counter-intuitive’ works, and if you see a new idea and don’t quite get it, something that defies existing logic and extends boundaries, you’re on to a winner.

In the early days, if you’d thought eBay, twitter, facebook or youtube you would not have believed they’d ever work would you? But they did and they have because some people just jumped right in and started a riot.

Back in March, I hosted a blogger meet up about the future of blogging; it turned into a vaguely hostile debate about whether blogging was a viable way to make money.

Well of course it is but not everyone thinks so!

I can’t bear negativity, it’s indicative of small minds and I was more than a little bit disappointed that some social media types were actually rather unhappy to consider any new concepts put to them that evening, even to the point of one heckler trying to derail the discussion.

It confounds me that some bloggers have a snobbery about making money from blogs, yet we have hugely successful individuals and organisations built on blogging and social media which prove otherwise.

Just look at the Huffington Post and Mashable for example, or even Dooce. It also confirms that not everyone is going to be successful – but you don’t know until you try do you?

Which is why I’m proud to be a part of the new In The Powder Room venture, WeShop. It’s a kind of micro endorsement from bloggers so they can help retailers who don’t have high street clout or marketing dollars to support their businesses and it’s a great idea, quite visionary in fact.

And here’s what it looks like – I’ve chosen a small retailer of very fine Organic Olive Oil, which is also reasonably priced for my first product and will add to this over the coming weeks and months…

In the Powder Room is working with small number of WeShop champions to get the momentum going among us social media peeps but I expect it will grow quite quickly. You can easily play a part in this too. First, you can follow @inthepowderroom on twitter and look out for the #WeShop tweets to find out about new products or just visit the site, and if you really want to get in on the act, you can easily sign up yourself and become a WeShop retailer. You will even be able to earn some money out of your social-ness, since you get commission for each item sold.

So there’s lot to be positive about after all eh?

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  1. Great write up Eva – and yes, we In the Powder Room truly believe micro-endorsement is the way forward, because personal recommendations are incredibly valuable. Your recommendation of Narrow Leaf is a great case in point. Through WeShop I bought a product I would never have otherwise found because I trusted your judgement and opinion – and that turned out to be a smart thing to do, because it really is delicious olive oil. So I win, Narrow Leaf wins, and you win too!
    Di@InthePowderRoom recently posted..Bad boys

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