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Afternoon tea at Lush, Covent Garden
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I recently wrote about the new Lush Fun product and last week, having been invited along for afternoon tea, we popped along to the Lush store in Covent Garden to find out more and check out the Christmas goodies on offer there.

If you’re Lush aficionado like I am, you’ll know that on first glance the Covent Garden shop, which sits among the shops in the ancient arcade facing the piazza, looks pretty small.  I love the merchandising inside and I snapped these displays which are up behind the till.  They’re actually made from Fun bars; which have the malleable consistency of play doh and plasticine.



They’re really simple but highly effective and for some reason, they even remind me of one of my favourite albums of yester year; Etienne De Crécy‘s Super Discount.



The entrance to the store is very deceptive; the ground floor space is tiny and jam packed with colourful displays but as you descend the wooden staircase, there’s a great surprise.  There is a huge and cavernous space downstairs which boasts several rooms and lots of colourful products which you can try out in store of take home a free sample.


Lush Fun bars on display in the Covent Garden store in London


We popped in to see the Fun bar demo and it was a real hit with the young kids there.

Lush fun bars, messy play just got clean, well kind of…


My daughter and her friend were very keen to get out on to the shop floor and check out the products.  There are some lovely Christmas boxes for kids and grown ups.  These Ginger Bread houses below are great.


My favourite was by far the social media inspired Seasons Tweetings gift box.

Here’s what gifts designer Rebecca has to say about this creation…(which I’ve nabbed from

This gifts inspiration came from the social networking site Pinterest. I had started looking at more interesting ways of wrapping the gifts, rather than just the standard printed paper, ribbon and tag. The design on this paper started life off as a spotty paper, the bird wrap and a tag, making the design look quite unique from the rest. We then combined the spotty paper and wrap to make one paper design, still keeping it interesting in the layout and tying the ribbon slightly differently to make it unique. The tag was also inspired by Suzie, our merchandiser, saying wouldn’t it be cool if customers could re-use their tags as Christmas tree decorations. So you can cut around the tag and reuse it on your Christmas tree.



Thanks to the Lush team for inviting us along and treating us like superstars!

Note: George Galloway, a much more controversial MP appeared on Celebrity Big Brother to generate awareness of himself was not suspended.

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