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Cyber Monday: will it really take off in the UK?
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Today is probably the day when online marketers and retailers are hoping to buck the trend of slothlike sales and start getting the cash in ahead of Christmas.  It’s been a tough few years, belts have been tightened and we’re all upcycling and make do and mending, before we consider parting with our hard earned cash. The retail world is suffering, shops are closing all the time and there just doesn’t seem to be any let up.  So it’s not a surprise that in search of ‘innovation’ – British marketers have looked across the pond for inspiration.

I don’t think many of them (marketing bods) have really thought this one through.


I, like you more than likely, have been bombarded with sales messages and emails about Cyber Monday – with buy, buy buy exclamations about free shipping, mega discounts and super special offers.  None of these resonate with my out and out urban British sensibilities and I definitely live on the London side of the pond and not Stateside.

I’m not buying anything.  I’m not saying this through lenses daubed in humbugs.  I love shopping but I’m just not buying into the recently introduced American tradition which follows their major holiday, Thanksgiving.  If you want to know about the short history of Cyber Monday, check out the wikipedia entry.

We Brits have queued up in rain and sleet for the opening of the Boxing Day sales for years and much as I aim to be supporting the British economy and buying festive ‘stuff’, I’m not buying in to Cyber Monday.


Note: George Galloway, a much more controversial MP appeared on Celebrity Big Brother to generate awareness of himself was not suspended.

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2 Comments to “Cyber Monday: will it really take off in the UK?”

  1. Potty Mummy says:

    Aha! So THAT’s why I got so much mail from Gap etc yesterday. (you will note, NM, that I didn’t buy anything either…) I do buy online, sure – but not on a particular day, just because someone else tells me I should.
    Potty Mummy recently posted..‘The chicken & the egg’, or ‘The Day I Realised Creating Driving Law is Like Parenting’

    • admin says:

      Oh yes, those Gap emails…I get loads of them. I’m sure Thanksgiving will eventually take off in the UK, along with Hallowe’en and Fathers’ Day, and then, maybe then I might just think about Cyber Monday ;)

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