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Review: Hot Air Popper, Popcorn Machine
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Popcorn is everywhere these days.  You can buy it ready popped bagged from the crisps shelf in the super market, in microwave ready bags and in exotic flavours like wasabi and lime, balsamic vinegar with salt, and it’s even making a starring appearance in ice cream these days.

We don’t go in for these over priced gimmicks, especially since it’s so cheap and easy to make at home.  We absolutely love popcorn in our house and we’re not fans of salty or sweet industrially made popcorn; we’ve become connoisseurs over the years and depending on what kind of movie we are watching, we make fresh popcorn at home to go with it.  We have created lovely bags for picnics with drizzled mint chocolate, pre barbecue nibbles with curry spices, and even neon green popcorn for Hallowe’en.  Yep, we are total addicts.

We usually ‘pop’ using a huge pan on a high heat the stove with vegetable oil and Maldon salt, basic but delicious.  However, that’s all changed.  We’ve been trying out a hot air popper.

It’s a simple but effective gadget and you don’t get any of the associated mess; burned sauce pans with charred unpopped corn at the bottom of the pan.  It’s really easy to use, you fill up the lid with your unpopped corn, pour it into the popper, stick the lid back on, the power and in about three minutes, big fluffy popped corn appears.  If you’re a calorie counter, it’s also 80% less calorific than popcorn made in oil.


Have a look at my video which shows how easy it is to make the popcorn!



As you can see, once you popped in the maize, the popping process begins with the hot air shooting up through the machine. And it does rather drown out my voice as it sounds like a bit like a hair dryer.

    What you get in the box

    • Measuring cup which doubles up as a butter bin
    • Popper chute/cover
    • Base of popper which houses the popping engine
    • 5 large cinema style pop corn buckets which are stripey and very retro
    • The all essential power cable with plub
    • Operating manual including 21 safety precautions (machine made popcorn is no less perilous than cooking it on a hob!)

    If you want good popcorn, buy a bag of organic popping corn. You can get it from As Nature Intended, which doesn’t do internet ordering.   You should never pay more than £1.50 for a 400g bag of popcorn maize, which is cheaper than a bag of Tyrrell’s or other major brand.

    You can sprinkle salt on your hot pop corn and melted butter if you like.  You can also make a caramel topping by heating up brown sugar in a pan until it melts and then add a knob of butter and stir, don’t over cook it though as the burnt toffee taste is pretty horrible.

    What I don’t like about this gadget is that it is mains operated which means there is not switch on the product itself.  It has a safety cut out feature if it gets overheated but I prefer using a basic switch. That said, it works very well.

    And a few words of warning; popcorn making involves very high temperatures and this gadget is no exception so use it with care.  If you are making several loads you will need to let the gadget cool down between uses.  Kids should not use this but it’s still fun to watch the popcorn fluff up and pop out of the machine.

    The Hot Air Popper is £12.99 and available from ParamountZone which also sells loads of weird and wacky goods which feed the geek in all of us.

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3 Comments to “Review: Hot Air Popper, Popcorn Machine”

  1. Kim says:

    I love the air popper, I normally buy the microwave popcorn but your comment about them having 80% more calories than poppers has put me off.

  2. Great review!! I never use the microwave to pop – somehow it always comes out too dry and tasting like cardboard. And fyi, melted butter is by far the best way to enjoy Popcorn!! lol.

  3. Ravi says:

    Review by David Cortesi for Rating: I’ve had one of these for more than 10 years and am ordering a new one bsecuae the yellow plastic air guide has just disintegrated from age and heating. The motor and element are still working.Yes: if you leave it alone it does throw out a few blistering-hot kernels. But if during the first 30 seconds of running you hold it and tilt it back about 30 degrees, it doesn’t. As soon as any kernels have popped you can set it down again.Lowest-calorie popcorn? At the supermarket, buy an aerosol can of cooking oil spray. Face the popcorn bowl, spray in right hand and salt-shaker in left. As the popcorn tumbles out, alternately spritz with cooking oil and sprinkle with salt. The oil spray has basically zero calories (a teaspoon per batch?) but it makes the salt stick to the popcorn!Fun with your popper, impress the kids. There are always a few kernels that don’t pop left in the bottom. And every time, one or 2 will go off a couple seconds AFTER you pull the plug. So: pull out the plug, slowly raise your index finger and point, magically, at the popper. Bang! Blow smoke off imaginery gun barrel.

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