The life and times of a happy go lucky blogger in London
School girl Martha Payne challenged the catering at her school by writing a blog which has become a global phenomenon

In this post, I want to explore the ups and down, ins and outs of social media and the habits of the younger generation. A few years ago, I suggested Facebook Lite for kids, an idea which would maybe help parents let their children onto the social networking site but have some parental guidance in place. […]

I spent the afternoon with Save the Children yesterday at their London HQ where I joined a throng of bloggers, Thinly Spread, Dorkymum, Hello It’s Gemma and Jenography, youtubers and games makers to get a briefing on the new IF campaign, an initiative spearheaded by Save the Children to solve world poverty and stop millions […]

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When I first set up my blog a few years ago, it was around the time Woolworths went bust and we were heading into the worst recession for decades triggered by the credit crunch. So today, news has broken of the demise of HMV, hot on the heels of Jessops, Comet and Game and more […]

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Another Monday, another bunch of PR hits the online versions of the media; covered by the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph and even Business Insider, it seems misery loves company nearly as much as the media loves bad news. For today is (drum roll) Blue Monday, the third Monday of the January, which has […]

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Miranda and the cast of her award winning TV series: photo BBC

With her latest series, commanding one of the largest viewing audiences over the Christmas telly season, polarising the chattering classes into the lovers or haters, it’s no suprise the media are finding her useful fodder at the moment.  Do you like Miranda?  The TV series?  Miranda Hart the person/personality?     Lucy Mangan wrote a […]

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  Brace yourselves, it’s literally going to be a bump-er year for the bumparazzi (that’s the long-lens-loving photographers who get rich off selling ‘is she/isn’t she’ celebrity photos if you couldn’t get past the puns). So while the media pedals nonsense stories – Jennifer Aniston, according to the number of tabloid reports I’ve seen, should […]


Is there a better way to start 2013 than to have a bit of a look at a philanthropic business venture which aims to help everyone? Hangovers spent under the duvet aside, of course there isn’t. Last month, I went to a launch event in Hackney at a place called Degree Art. Funnily enough, it’s […]

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