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Kicking against the pricks on the most ‘miserable day’ of the year
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Another Monday, another bunch of PR hits the online versions of the media; covered by the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph and even Business Insider, it seems misery loves company nearly as much as the media loves bad news.

For today is (drum roll) Blue Monday, the third Monday of the January, which has been named the ‘Most Miserable Day of the Year’ for seven years or so now.

Let’s face it, cold Monday mornings are pretty harsh.  Add early meetings, snow, delayed trains and lack of sleep, it’s not exactly a good start to the week.  While I waited 15 minutes in the snow for a delayed train and spent my journey standing up in a crowded carriage, while being wailed at on my mobile by my daughter at home who was unable to find a sports sock (said sock was found), I just can’t agree this is the most miserable day of the year for me, but it seems like it is for the PRs behind the story who are getting a lot of flack.


So let’s rebrand this day to the Most Miserable Day of the Year for PRs and the rest of us can go happily about our business and look forward to the news season of Girls which starts tonight…

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3 Comments to “Kicking against the pricks on the most ‘miserable day’ of the year”

  1. Rumour has it that the guy who ‘invented’ Blue Monday freely admits that it was pretty much all made up, and it was sponsored by a company selling winter sun holidays! There was some very funny stuff about it on TheGuardian website, and Ben Goldacre annually goes into a mini-meltdown debunking it. Not surprised you don’t feel all that blue.
    Penny Golightly recently posted..Review of the new OnTrees monitoring and budgeting site

    • eva says:

      Hello, Blue Monday is just the beginning of all the fabricated days we need to celebrate…we should create our own – national blog day! Got quite a ring to it don’t you think? ;)

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