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#IF we can end world hunger – 100 charities join forces to solve the hunger issue

I spent the afternoon with Save the Children yesterday at their London HQ where I joined a throng of bloggers, Thinly Spread, Dorkymum, Hello It’s Gemma and Jenography, youtubers and games makers to get a briefing on the new IF campaign, an initiative spearheaded by Save the Children to solve world poverty and stop millions going hungry or dying of starvation.

It is an overwhelming concept for many of us to grasp and trying to imagine that we can all help save people by using social media can be mind bending. But it works.

At around 530pm we decamped to Somerset House to hear more from people all over the world. There’s no denying we were freezing our twits (sic) off but it was worth being there to see what the launch was about. Amazingly over 100 charities have signed up to the campaign and the atrium of Somerset House was something of an NGO fest last night with representatives from most of them attending last night.

There’s a great video clip of it here.



You can also some of your favourite famous faces who are joining the campaign on the video below.

IF Enough Food for Everyone IF


And more on the nitty gritty of it all on this one here, and remember, this is the beginning of something really big.

IF Campaign – this video explains it all


And finally, you too can get involved with the campaign with something as tiny as a tweet or you can do lots more.

Here’s the social media pack details which the Save the Children team has created.


We’re looking for bloggers, vloggers and Twitter supremos to lend their voices to the ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF campaign.

If you’ve any questions or want more material do get in touch on Twitter via @savechildrenuk or email Rebecca Smith at


The world produces enough food for everyone, yet hunger kills over 200 children every hour.

We’ve joined forces with more than 100 other organisations to end this scandal.

This year with David Cameron leading the G8 group of richest countries, we have a once in a generation chance to make sure everyone gets the food they need to live. It’s within our reach, IF we act together.



30 seconds – sign the petition:

2 minutes - follow us on social media & share our campaign link with your friends using the hashtags #if and #tellamillion


5 minutes or more - help us #tellamillion that there’s enough food for everyone

IF we want to put an end to global hunger, we need to generate so much noise that our leaders have no choice but to act. Not enough people know that the world produces enough food for everyone.

That’s why we’ve set ourselves a goal: to tell a million people about ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF.

But to do that, we need your help.

- Watch, share and/or embed our Tell A Million video (it’s only a minute long!):

Whether you tell one-thousand people or one person about the campaign, you’re making a difference:

  • It can be as easy as sharing our Tell A Million video on Facebook/Twitter, or using the #tellamillion hashtag.
  • If you want to write a blog post about it, even better!
  • You could embed the Tell a Million video on your page, or even make a ‘tag game’ of it: write a post about ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF, tag a few fellow bloggers and encourage them to do the same.

You can also use the following resources on your blog for additional info and context to the ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF campaign:

Press release

- Add the sign-up widget to your blog and help us tell a million about the campaign.

Copy and paste the code below:

<iframe src=” /support?utm_medium=agencyform&utm_campaign=if&utm_source=savethechildren” width=”345″ height=”650″><p>If you can see this text, your browser does not support iframes. Please visit our <a href=”“>website</a>.</p></iframe>

Find out more about using iframe coding

Add these badges to your blog:

  Report Case studies and photos

Umi | Lantana and Shamsia | Bishara

-Umi was malnourished, dehydrated and weighed 1.7kgs. She was put on the severe malnutrition programme and in under two weeks had almost doubled her weight .

-Lantana brought her malnourished daughter Shamsia to a clinic after their crops were destroyed and they had insufficient food to feed.

-Bishara was suffering from diarrhoea and malnourishment caused by the drought.

If you need any more material do get in touch on Twitter via @savechildrenuk or email Rebecca Smith





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  3. Loved watching the video, really comprehensive guide to how to get involved, thanks!

    • eva says:

      Well done to Save the Children for making it so easy, it’s nice to have some good video to share too

  4. brilliant ideas there. I didn’t manage to download the social media kit (I am seriously rubbish at anything that involves the slightest bit of technical input) but having seen these badges will get hubby to add one to the blog.
    The Beesley Buzz recently posted..#IF

    • eva says:

      That’s great, let me know if you need any help, it should be quite easy but not sure what platform you’re on; blogger, tumblr, wordpress. If you need any help, let me know and best of luck, Eva

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