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Projection of satellites on the earth surface

London has so much to offer and a lot of it is still free, including the museums in South Ken. We spent a wonderful day at the Science Museum last Friday. I thought it may be foolhardy to head out to one of the popular museums on Good Friday, but it wasn’t too hectic. As we […]

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The many stages of childhood are blessed with lots of amazing clubs and activities to join and be involved in, well if you live in the right place that is. For my daughter, born in the wilds of Shoreditch in 2000, there didn’t seem to be much about for the urban kid but that soon […]

“It was the courage of the Timorese that inspired me to have courage. That is what has driven me throughout my journey and that is what continues to inspire me today.” – Kirsty Sword Gusmão If you are wondering what we all did before twitter and blogging when trying to effect change, and if you […]

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AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Red District lip shocker bracelet

I spotted this the other day and thought it would make a great addition to my collection of mouth and lip-design jewellery. With a design like this, the name certainly has to be a mouthful; and that’s precisely what the Aurélie Biderman Red District Lip Shocker Bracelet is.  It sounds like a tabloid headline, looks like […]

Google doodle for International Womens' Day 2013

It seems like International Womens’ Day this year has created a huge splash, largely driven by social media but also online and in the media. I’m not sure I particularly like the google doodle today but it’s a big step to have it there, and even Yahoo! has dedicated part of its home page to […]

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Sunday is Mothers’ Day or Mothering Sunday or any excuse to sell anything whatever it’s called these days.  However you look at it, it’s hard to forget, avoid or not be a part of. It’s a poignant day for me; more one of remembrance than celebration as sadly, My Mum died a few years ago. […]


James Franco, left; Michelle Williams, right

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The Wizard of Oz was one of the most memorable films of my childhood and remains so to this day. I loved the books and the author L Frank Baum was himself quite an amazing character. He started writing about the age of 10 and would self publish by typesetting and printing his own short […]

The Wanted - Red Velvet  Cake

I was on the phone when my daughter got home from school on Friday. While I was talking I was absent-mindedly looking at the small razor cuts which my fingers had sustained from cutting out stencils earlier. The look of excitement and anticipation on my daughter’s face made me smile. As I waved her past […]

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These new Acne boots might just surpass my pistol boots as a wardrobe staple very soon. They’re gorgeous and I want them! They look great in red… These are fab too… And these… Decisions…decisions The’re available from and

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