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International Womens’ Day – thoughts closer to home
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It seems like International Womens’ Day this year has created a huge splash, largely driven by social media but also online and in the media.

I’m not sure I particularly like the google doodle today but it’s a big step to have it there, and even Yahoo! has dedicated part of its home page to IWD – something I felt compelled to check out after Marissa Meyer’s recent comment that she is not a feminist.  I’ve lost count of all the things I’ve read on twitter, have a look on the #IWD hash tag to see how the conversation is being mobilised, it’s amazing.

I think today is really important because issues are being aired and it’s all about cause marketing rather than the hard sell, something which I was having problem coming to terms with in my Mothers’ Day post earlier this week.

At breakfast this morning, I asked my daughter if she knew what today was about – she had no idea, and that’s precisely what concerns me about the global conversation lacking any element of trickle down into the lives of the next generation.  Mums,  sisters, daughters, girls – are we all included?    I think so, but it’s up to us to share the stories of our own lives with each other too.  So breakfast is a good start.

Google doodle for International Womens' Day 2013

Google doodle for International Womens’ Day 2013

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