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Stand up comedy for kids…the best thing ever
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The many stages of childhood are blessed with lots of amazing clubs and activities to join and be involved in, well if you live in the right place that is.

For my daughter, born in the wilds of Shoreditch in 2000, there didn’t seem to be much about for the urban kid but that soon changed as the area became more populated with young families. She had some great stuff to go to; a singing club at Hackney City Farm hosted by a former Broadway musical singer, a kids yoga class on Broadway Market (think lots of omm-ing toddlers and giggling) and did her end of term ballet performance at Hackney Empire. Then we moved to the sleepy suburbs of West London – no night clubs for me and no cool clubs for her, there were other trade offs however, but free time is made to be enjoyed isn’t it? We set about trying to find some new stuff and tried out Stage Coach and the Little Gym, but they all seemed too competitive and not much light-hearted fun involved; too many certificates, medals and levels to achieve. Great for some kids but, not for mine.

So what can kids do if they’re not really into theatrics and sporty stuff, but want to be active and have fun, or even better, a really good laugh?

We’ve a real love of comedy in this house. From mainstream funnies like Miranda, to the obscurity of the Mighty Boosh, through to the Americana-high-camp-sexist-feminist-farce of 30 Rock, and of course the gross fest that can only be our homegrown Inbetweeners, everything is watched avidly. Some scenes are replayed many times, others committed to memory to be drawn up on for giggles at any given time (who can ever forget Simon’s stray ball in the Inbetweeners charity fashion show episode or John Hamm as Liz Lemon’s ‘living-in-the-bubble’ boyfriend?). It made sense then to find out if there was a kids comedy club and as luck would have it, I found one. It’s called, funnily enough, School of Comedy and it’s a brilliant way to let kids find their voices and use their wits without any pressure, they can literally do it just for laughs. After two terms, I can definitely say my daughter is hooked. It’s been a real boost for her confidence and creativity and that’s even been reflected in her performance at school so it can only be a good thing. They recently shot a promotional video which I begged them to share with me so I could stick it on my blog, so here it is and may the laughs keep rolling on!

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