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The 30 day life overhaul day 2: is anything working?
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This is day 2 of my winter to spring/summer overhaul and things are moving along nicely.  I thought this spring clean idea was an invention of Mrs Beeton or some such but actually spring cleaning is an ancient Persian tradition called Khouneh Tekouni – who knew?  I certainly didn’t.  The literal translation is ‘shaking the house’ and while it usually takes place in March, well, I’m always late to the party…

I don’t have a huge, pre-prepared shopping list of things to do but I think over 30 days I can move a sizable chunk of ‘stuff’.  Unlike New Year’s resolutions, this isn’t about a month of sobriety, kicking the cancer sticks or joining the gym, it’s about springing into life.  Some of it will be great fun and other stuff perhaps not so but for someone like me, clutter and baggage really hinder my creativity, and there’s nothing worse than feeling blocked, especially when you can make it all happen with a bit of extra effort.  I’m blogging my way through it to stay on track and motivated to do at least one or two different things every day.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?

I started yesterday with a clear up of what is basically a room full of junk.  This in itself has led to more stuff to do; dump the junk (easy), give stuff to friends (there’s a queue already), give stuff to charity (the high street is full of charity shops)  and of course cash it all in on eBay.  I reckon I could probably pay for our Summer holiday flights doing that, so watch this space.  There’s a bigger plus though, and that’s finding forgotten treasure,  I found a brand new Elizabeth Arden moisturiser and some Spanish slippers given to me as a present from a great friend.  Happy days.

My task today was to clear out the mental cobwebs and spend a day in the sunshine, which is not particularly easy in London, but I managed it and had a great walk along the South Bank and a lazy lunch and gossip with a fabulous friend, even better, my daughter is on school holidays and was able to come along with a friend in tow…  I’ve got the outline of a book I’m writing prepared, but I’m stuck, so it was great to talk the idea over with someone, so we can strike the mental cobwebs off the list today.

So tomorrow we’re going to the cobblers (to pick up my revitalised boots), get the chop (hairdressers) and sell out (eBay)…not much to do then on top of a normal day.  And one other thing, start the day with a run (yikes).


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5 Comments to “The 30 day life overhaul day 2: is anything working?”

  1. I like the sound of mental cobweb clearing, I could do with a bit of that. Hope it continues going productively.
    liveotherwise recently posted..Wearing a blindfold doesn’t make me blind.

    • eva says:

      Thank you, I can only try, but it’s great to know that other people feel the same – I’ll let you know at the end of the month!

  2. I am all over this – it’s ACE! Go Eva! Xx

    • eva says:

      You’re right – it was in the spam, see – no flies on me! Now, where’s that WWF game up to! xx

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